Urban Design around Gainesville,FL Kayla Burrows

1/16/17. This is a mixed use building in Downtown Gainesville, FL. It is mixed use because it incorporates restaurants, offices, and apartment living. This is a good design that caters to the New Urbanism movement. This movement focuses on dense design and eliminates sprawl. This is a great design to eliminate needing a car and improve the walkability of the area. This building fits in very well with the others around it and the overall scene of downtown.
1/16/17. This is a public building that is frequently used. It is used for countless planning meetings and other government work. Having been in the building countless times, it has an interesting set up and is not the most user friendly when trying to find the entrance. While it is in the heart of downtown and most walk by it, it is not a building that looks significant. The building itself looks dated and I don't think it fits into the historic looking feel of the setting or neighborhood.
2/18/17. This is not a building, but I consider it to be an important public and recreational space in Gainesville. It is the Bouleware Springs. This open space serves as a great way to let people reconnect to nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. This space is great to take a nice bike ride in or even just take a nice walk in. I think it fits in well with the overall landscapes of Gainesville.
2/18/17. This building is not always in as much use as it used to be, but is seen as a novelty spot to host events. This building does not have much impact on Gainesville as a whole because it is rarely used and is not in a very populated area. I think the site has an interesting design and was probably practical and useful for the time it was built and maintained. I think the site fits into Gainesville greatly by reflecting the historical mix of architecture and nature.
3/10/17. These are apartment buildings close to UF campus. I walk by them very often and did some research on them. Built in 2008, they are one of the area's first high density apartment complexes, really eliminating sprawl and implementing a garage underneath the building to improve walkability around Gainesville by taking away the option of parking. I think it is a very good design and hope to see more of this design happen in new construction and retrofitting. The site borders campus and is around "Sorority Row," which is another phase of high density housing.
04/05/17. This site is new to UF and will overall improve the campus. It is bringing in much needed new study space and revitalized a building that was abandoned. This building was unproductive and an eyesore, the look of the building matches well with the other surrounding buildings. This new building has improved outlet accessibility and different study rooms to help with productivity.
3/12/17. While this unassuming site might seem like just another plant box by the stadium, it is much more than meets the eye. This is actually a "Green Roof" that is over the underground gym in the stadium. The Green Roof helps regulate the temperature of the gym and also creates room for more native Florida plants. This green roof is important because it shows an initiative that UF has taken to a more sustainable approach. It also fits seamlessly into the landscape surrounding the stadium and on campus.
3/12/17. This space is also one that is not often visited or used on campus. It is near the stadium and in between dorms, but is extremely underutilized. It could be a nice meeting space or a great place to sit and think. This space has plenty of potential and fits into the other surrounding landscape perfectly mimicking its architecture and the native plants. This space is a good space for campus because it creates an atmosphere that students and faculty can relax in or collaborate.
3/12/17. This space is one that is near dorms and that many students pass on a day to day basis. This fountain used to be a liability waiting to happen when it was not properly running and was an eyesore. This space has been given new life with the benches surrounding the fountain, making it an inviting place to sit and possibly relax. It fits in well with the surroundings, keeping in theme with the brick. It also is very unique, being one of the only running fountains on campus.
04/03/17. This pedestrian bridge, lovingly called the "DNA bridge," is something unique to Gainesville and speaks to the walkability of the city. This pedestrian bridge encourages people to leave their cars at home and make the trek to work or school on foot or using their bike. This sustainable feature highlights how sustainable oriented the city is and its commitment to make the city more accessible for everyone with this bike trail. I think that the "DNA bridge" fits in well with the unique and artsy feel of the city and also their initiative to make the city more pedestrian friendly.

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