Must Eats journalism advisors and students share their favorite places to eat

The results are from a Google Forms survey taken by 17 people
Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez: North Garland High School, Texas
"It started here in Texas originally in Corpus Christi, and for Texans it is definitely a staple place to go."

Response: Whataburger

Carson Lee: Rider High School ,Texas
"It is just a classic. It's the place everyone goes after a big event."

Response: Whataburger

Jennifer de la Fuente: USC, California
"Classic burger with the special sauce wrapped in wax paper and a milkshake — you can’t get anymore California than that."

Response: In-N-Out

Taylor Pitzl: Notre Dame de Sion School, Kansas
"Barbecue is a staple in Kansas City. Joe's is clearly the best and don't even think about going anywhere else. It has been nationally recognized and known around the world."

Response: Joe's Kansas City BBQ

Ana Pendergast: Notre Dame de Sion School, Kansas
"KC is known for BBQ and this is the best place to get it!"

Response: Joe's Kansas City BBQ


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