This is a photo of the language people speak in Denmark, it is called Danish. It looks similar to the English language, but some letters are pronounced very differently.

This is Denmark's flag, it is the oldest European flag, because Denmark is Europe's oldest kingdom. The flag is known as Dannebrog, or Danish Cloth.

This is the statue of The Little Mermaid. It was made by Edvard Eriksen in 1913, that means it is now 103 years old. It is the most famous landmark in Denmark.

This is Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen. People say Denmark is the happiest country in the world, this is because of the colorful buildings, and the bad weather doesn't get people in Denmark down.
This is Smørrebrød, a famous Danish dish. Smørrebrød usually is made of dark brown bread topped with cold cuts, egg, pieces of meat, fish, or cheese, and has spreads, like butter, or mayonnaise.
This is Danish krone, the money that Denmark uses, one Danish krone is equal to $0.14, or 14¢ in the United States.

This is a national holiday in Denmark, it is also celebrated in the United States, but we rarely ever hear of it, it's called St. Martin's Day. This is kind of like Thanksgiving in the United States, but this feast is about how St. Martin became a Monk, and how he saved the life of a beggar.

This picture is of St. Martin (dressed as a Roman knight) giving bread to little kids, because he was such a nice guy.

popular sports in Denmark are handball, cycling, sailing sports, badminton, ice hockey, swimming and golf. This is Handball, a combination of basketball, soccer and handball.

Some interesting facts about Denmark include, it rains almost every second day.

Denmark has twice the amount of bicycles as cars.
Legos were invented in Denmark, and Lego means "Play Well."
No place in Denmark is more than 30 miles from the sea.
The type of government that Denmark has is a constitutional monarchy, which one King or Queen is in control. This is Queen Margrethe II, the Monarch of Denmark, she has been in charge since 1972.

The geography of Denmark is very interesting, because it is a Jutland Peninsula, it has islands, small mountains, and a lot of rivers. My favorite part are the towns that are built right on beaches or rivers.

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