Catherine McAuley’s Legacy Erin Hardy

This past summer some new random additions were sprinkled throughout the school in hopes of inspiring students through out the school year. Many of which happened to be quotes from the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley.

The development office has a new wall with quotes from Catherine along with some pictures of Mercy girls to show off our pride in our school.

Many of these quotes emphasize the importance of educating women. Catherine truly believed in the cause of working with women, which has remained a strong value of the Sisters of Mercy since their foundation.

Some of Catherine’s best quotes are ones that are easy to remember and repeat through out the day.
Quote right outside room 202

Though many of these quotes are shorter and easier to read on your way to class, the longer quotes leave a more lasting impact on your day. Reading through one of the longer quotes at some point in your day, like this one located right outside of room 202, gives you something to ponder when class gets boring.

On top of all of these, our chapel also got a little bit of a renovation with a new mural. The mural simply is a recreation of the stained glass at the front of the chapel and it brightens up the back of the chapel a little more.

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