Revolutions & Technology By: jyllian sword

Past: The Industrial Revolution


Higher demand caused the industrial revolution because people wanted more so more had to be created

More people were making and spending money so bigger companies were being made.

Healthier people created a huge population boom which meant more people available for work.

Technological Developments

A new technological advance was more medical knowledge and supplies.

Trails started to become well known as a reliable way to get from place to place and see nature.

Steam engines were created at this time and became one of the best ways to transport goods and people.

Positive & Negative Effects on Society

A positive thing that came out of the industrial revolution was the new ways to get around and transport goods from place to place.

Another posative outcome of this day in age was how low death rates became, more people knew how to cure simple things due to new technology that more people could recover from sickness.

A negative thing that came from the industrial revolution was the child labor. With the boom of new companies and factories popping up everywhere businesses started hiring kids to do lots of work for cheap.

Unsanitary work conditions was a negative result of this revolution because business owners didn't care about how people were working because with all this new technology coming to surface, there weren't any rules against working in trashy areas.

Present: The Digital Revolution


Higher demand caused the digital revolution to spread and grow

People wanted to communicate with people far away, easy, and fast. This was anither cause of the digital revolution.

New technology was needed at this point in time because people wanted to learn more and knowledge was growing.

Technological Advances

New medical equipment is being developed everyday which means safer procedures, and less invasive approaches.

New phones are making it so people can buy one thing and use it for many different things and purposes.

The internet is the worlds way of keeping connected now a days, used for social media, research/ knowledge, etc.

Positives and Negatives

A positive outcome has been that it's easier now more than ever to learn things and gain knowledge by just searching something on google.

Another posative outcome of this revolution is the job opportunities that surfaced when people could pull up a laptop and starting working submitting it by clicking a button.

One more positive thing about the digital revolution is how closely connected people can be and how easy it is to share with friends your ideas and to make new friends and talk to people.

A negative outcome of the digital revolution is the amount of pollution being released into the atmosphere with all the new technology being created.

People are becoming more and more lazy with technology that's being made to do everyday easy thing for us.

Lastly, obesity is on a high rise with the latest technology making it so walking is even something we don't have to do barely at all anymore and lots of people are taking advantage of this.

The Future: The Medical Revolution


People wanted a cure for cancer desperately as it could be caught by simply eating certain foods.

Sickness was becoming worse and more were being discovered and needed treatment.

Surgeons wanted less invasive procedure as opening someone full body up is very risky and leaving them that way for hours while operations was dangerous.

Technological Advances

X-Ray glasses are created for surgeons to see a live feed of the patients organs trough the body and into the blood stream and nervous system.

Holographic live feed of the patients body that sits above the body itself for the surgeon to see and walk through everything without opening anything unnecessary.

Carcinogens have been completely discovered and abolished.

Posative and Negatives

A positive outcome of the medical revolution would be the longer life spam the new medical technology and discoveries would give people.

Another plus would be easier procedures and less invasive technology leaving less risk of infections while wide open on the table.

Another positive thing is curing deadly diseases and viruses.

A negative outcome would be how much experimentation that would take place as doctors discovered ways to cure sick people.

There would be a massive growth of the population if tons of diseases were cured and this could be negative.

Lastly, lots of businesses would be shut down that depend on sick people coming in to buy medicine and hospitals would make less money without cancer patients coming in for chemo-therapy.


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