Ashley's Number the Stars Book Diary By: Ashley


When I think about war I think two countries that fight for what they want. When I also think about war, I think about a cloudy day and blood every where.

In World War ll, people in this country probably felt nervous or scared that something bad was going to happen or they didn't know what was going to happen next.


What I think when I think about neighbors is nice and kind that live beside us. But my other neighbors I think about are family.

If there was a war going on and my neighborhood was affected, I would realistically respond by getting some food and water and just hiding, then getting together and talking about what to do.

Number the Stars

I think this book is about a neighborhood that is has a war going on there and they have to get together. Or people that want to escape but the soldiers capture.

Literary Analysis

I think that that it would look the same just that they are body guarding more people. Or it would look like different people that are not from there. "Well,' Annemarie said slowly, "now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews, as well" (page 25)

Mama says "Be one of many", I think what she means by this is she probably doesn't want the soldiers to say anything to them else or frighten them. I think she says this because she wants to protect them. She also probably doesn't want anything bad happen to them because they probably knows a war or something is going to happen because she has been reading the illegal newspaper.

She was scared because she remembered when her dad said he would call upon for courage, and she was was scared to do that if she had to.

In Chapter 3 she was asking herself if she wanted to call upon courage. In Chapter 5 she decided she did want to call upon courage, because she had Ellen's necklace in her hand tightly.

I think it means they have a strong friendship because she remembered the Star of David is for Jewish so she took of her necklace because the guards were outside.


We just read that Ellen came in her dads arms, and beside her mom, therefore I think that the soldiers aren't coming anymore because they were only there for 1 or 2 days.

We just read that Peter and Annemarie's mom took, Ellen and her family and the rest of the Jews to Uncle Henrik so he could take them to a safe place. Then Annemarie's mom was supposed to come to around 3:30am and Annemarie woke up around 4:00am, so she went to the window and saw a shadow she went outside and it was her, and it turns out she fell on a root, then when they sat down they found the pocket the gave to Ellen’s dad. Annemarie told her mom if she could go run and give it to him so the mom said yes and told her to run fast as she can. I predict that Annemarie is going to bump into a soldier and she is going to tell him that she is a little girl that is taking food to her uncle.


Man vs. Man

The officer ignored her. Suddenly he grabbed a handful of Ellen's hair. Ellen winced. He laughed scornfully. "You have a blond child sleeping in the other room. And you have this blond daughter-" He gestured toward Annemarie with his head, "Where did you get the dark haired one?" He twisted the lock of Ellen's hair. "From a different father? From the milkman? Papa stepped forward. "Don't speak to my wife in such a way. Let go of my daughter or I will report you for such a treatment.

I think this quote is part of this conflict because the dad was getting mad at the officer for grabbing Ellen's hair and speaking to his wife like that.

Man vs. Nature

"Can you believe it? I was so clumsy," she said I was nearly here- well, maybe just half way- when I tripped over a root and went sprawling."

I think this quote is part of the conflict because the mom tripped over a root and that mad eyer come late to the house.

Man vs. Self

Mama sighed. "So clumsy," she said, as if she were scolding herself. "I'm afraid my ankle is broken, Annemarie . Thank goodness it is nothing worse. An ankle mends. And I am home, and the Rosen's are with Henrik.

I think this is part of the conflict because the mom was scolding herself and saying she was clumsy.

Man vs. Society

He gestured with the folded white cloth and gave a short, caustic laugh. "At least she didn't stitch flowers on it." He flung it to the ground, still half wrapped in the paper, beside the apple. The dogs lunged, sniffed at it eagerly, then subsided, disappointed again. "Go on,"the soldier said. He dropped the cheese and the napkin back into the her basket. " Go on to your uncle and tell him the German dogs enjoyed his bread."

I think this is part of the conflict because because the mans were talking to Annemarie and toke her bread and gave it the dogs



Friendship means when a person accepts for who you are. I think this is the theme for this book because Annemarie and Ellen have strong friendship even when Ellen has to leave.

'I'll come back someday," Ellen whispered fiercely. "I promise." "I know you will," Annemarie whispered back, holding her friend tightly. Then they were gone, Mama and The Rosens. Annemarie was alone. She went into the house, crying suddenly, and closed the door against the night.

"Can you fix this? I have kept it all this long time. It was Ellen's." Her father took it from her and examined the broken clasp. "Yes" he said. "I can fix it. When the Rosens come home, you can give it back to Ellen." "Until then", Annemarie told him, " I will wear it myself."

Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Word Here

Lanky and Stocky

(She was a stocky "10 year old", unlike Annemarie)pg 1

Based on this sentence, they are comparing the girls. It is describing there features, which are opposite because it uses the word"unlike".

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix-y refilling or filled. Other words messy, cheesy, lucky












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