Book 6 The Princess and the Stranger

Characters: Odysseus (we know this guy, he is going to be all awesome, again. Because Odysseus. **swoon**), Nausicaa (epithet: daughter of Alcinous -- the king of the Phaeacians, "white-armed"), her maids, Athena -- is prayed to (epithets: "clear-eyed," "bright-eyed")

Setting: island of Scheria

Summary of the plot: Nausicaa and her maids wake up our man, Odysseus, on Scheria. He has washed ashore after all that being tossed around by Poseidon business, while wearing a magic scarf. Problem is that Odysseus is naked besides the scarf so he grabs an olive tree branch to cover up. Nausicaa offers his food and clothing. He notices how pretty she is and tells her that. She offers to show him to her mother's house where she insists he needs to get in her mother's good graces in order to return home.

Simile: "And out he stalked as a mountain lion exultant in his power strides through wind and rain and his eyes blaze and he charges sheep or oxen or chases wild deer but his hunger drives him on to go for flocks, even to raid the best-defended homestead."

Clearly, Odysseus was hangry!!

She tells Odysseus, "Grasp my mother’s knees—if you want to see the day of your return, rejoicing, soon, even if your home’s a world away. If only the queen will take you to her heart, then there’s hope that you will see your loved ones, reach your own grand house, your native land at last."

So Odysseus prays to Athena, "Hear me, daughter of Zeus whose shield is thunder— tireless one, Athena! Now hear my prayer at last, for you never heard me then, when I was shattered, when the famous god of earthquakes wrecked my craft. Grant that here among the Phaeacian people I may find some mercy and some love!."

Dramatic irony alert!!!! Athena has been there and been helping Odysseus this whole time, but he doesn't know that.

Themes: strange relationship between gods and man

And that is all that happens in Book 6 :)


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