How we express ourselves By - Ishaan Chak


An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.


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Week 2

For the exhibition I was supposed to select 3 ways of how I can express myself that I was interested in so I chose Sports, in sports I want to focus on Football and Baseball, Games, in games I want to create online games, Photography, in photography I want to take good photos of a view or scenery.

People Playing Football
People Playing Baseball
People Creating a Game and Playing it
Marvellous Scenery
Super View

Week 3

We made concept questions and wrote it down on a document we made

Week 4

Communication Skills


I listened carefully, with interest to others in a group while we were trying to make our first L.O.I. and while we were having our group discussions.


I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when me and my group were discussing and trying to research on our first L.O.I. The ideas I gave was that the line of inquiry could have been how does sports keep us fit and need for sports in our life.


I read for pleasure when we needed to research more on sports and took notes of the important information in my book ( Sports Exhibition).


I recorded information and observations in different ways when my group was discussing about why we need sports. We noted down all the relevant information to support our first L.O.I.

Non Verbal Communication

I understood what someone was saying by their body language when I had gone to the library with my group and my group was telling me lower my voice.

Reflection- Learner Profile Attribute

1. During unit time today I thought I was a Thinker because when we got done I thought about what could help us and what wouldn't. And I was open minded because when me and my team were discussing about how should we present. And lastly I was reflective on the score we got after we finished our presentation.

2. Today wasn't a great day for me because I was under a lot of pressure for me and my groups presentation on Sports L.O.I. Need for new sports

Listing My Research

The research me and my group did was need for sports in our daily life what are the different ways of expressing yourself through sports and the role of technology on sports.

And the research on sports we are still to do is that how can we keep ourselvesĀ fit through sports and what are the most played sports in the world.

Reflecting - Research Skills

Formulating Questions

I understood how to use and identify main ideas and key words when finding out about how can sports keep you fit.


I listenedĀ to or watched to learn more when I was hearing my groups ideas and also sharing mine.


I began to plan our research when I was given the responsibility before the day of our presentation of our L.O.I.

Collecting Data

I used the internet to collect data when we were researching on the famous people and what world records they had made Ex. Bob Beamon ( He jumped the longest distance in the world).

Recording Data

I wrote my groups bibliography when we did our 1st L.O.I

Organising Data

I made observations and conclusions when me and my group were finishing our first L.O.I presentation.

Sorting Out

How can we sort the information I have found ?

I can sort the information I have found by collecting the information and putting it in certain places where it will stay safe.

What information is most useful ?

The information which is most useful is the information which will help me and my group and what will give me and my group the reward of hard work.

What is missing from our inquiry ?

The thing which is missing from our inquiry is the content we need to find better content to put.

What do we need to do from here ?

We need to improve on our researching skills and find good content to help us in the future.

Going further

What other information do we need ?

The other information we need is that we need to find more on the way sports was created and how sports was made famous.

What other perspective do we need to consider ?

The other perspective we need to consider how can we present better and what are the ways we can.

What further connections do we need to make ?

We need to make more connections about the way we play and the way the professionals do.

What do we need to do from here ?

We need to find more ways of how we can improve our presentations etc.

Black hat- reflection

Yellow hat reflection

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