"On the Beach at Night Alone" by walt whitman

In the first stanza, there's just a brief description of what is going on. Walt Whitman was on the beach at night. He saw a mother and daughter together. She was singing a song to her daughter. As Whitman admired the stars, he started to think of everything: the universe and the future. In the second stanza, Walt repeatedly said the word "all" to show emphasis that he literally means everything. Following the word "all", he gave examples of everything he meant to emphasize. In the end, he wanted to show and prove that everything is all connected to each other and are the same.
The words "all" and "similitude" are the most important word choice because it helps the poem show that everything is the same.
In the first stanza, it showed a lot of visual imagery in every line. It gave me a picture of a mother singing to a daughter on a beach at night. Line five gave a visual of the moons and planets.
Line 9 showed another visual imagery of the vegetables and fishes.

The most important figurative imagery throughout the whole poem was repetition, anaphora, and alliteration. Lines 4-12 had the word "all" at the beginning. He wanted the reader to comprehend that he was trying to indicate each example had a specific significance that leads to the whole meaning of his poem which is everything is connected.

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