An Article On Human Modification How humans have Ruined the Future of earth, By: The Taysia tribune

Aliens all over, we recommend reading this article for your own future planning! This is an article on how the humans have been changing the Earth, the planet that we were going to settle on in 2052. Now, the problem is, the Earth's health is getting worse. Things such as pollution, slash and burn agriculture, and so much more, are all things that the humans have done to ruin the Earth!

Slash and burn is used for the humans to cut and burn down trees for fuel. This releases many greenhouse gasses into the air. Humans are worried about the greenhouse gasses in the air, but they do this for fuel and energy. Now, we do not need oxygen to breathe, we can survive on many other gasses. To put the humans out of their misseri, we must invade now! Otherwise the humans could just keep ruining the planet. Slash and burn does give fuel which definitely helps them out by giving them energy but it will not help us! When it releases these greenhouse gasses in the air, it can make the planet even more hot!

My fellow beings, they are ruining our seas! We need them for the fish! The aral sea is an example of this. Over the past couple of decades, the sea has shrunk massively! This is because the humans have transferred the rivers that lead into the aral sea to farming and irrigation purposes. Humans do this because they are running out of fresh water. This is one of their only options left.Now, this was a horrible idea! The evaporation rates became higher than the amount of water coming in! This is happening in many, many, places on Earth! Again, humans are ruining our planet.

Humans are going over the limit! If we invade we could help them! We would of course be more benefited but they will have a brighter future than they have now!


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