How are black holes formed? By Jia, Madyn and HaYden

Hi my name is Hayden and this is Jia and Madyn

We're going to talk about how did the black holes formed

Black holes are formed when giant stars explode at the end of their lifecycle. This explosion is called a supernova

Here is some facts we're going to tell you

The power of the black hole's dragging power is called frame-dragging

The smaller the black hole is the faster you will fall into the black hole

Even lights can't escape from the black holes

The first ever black hole is found is called cyg x-1

When you got dragged into the black hole you will make fiction with the black hole and then you will get too hot and get explode

The invisible object that makes the black hole ( witch has at least 10 soLar master) is called Cygnus loop

And now here's our activity

You will by getting into a group of 7 or 6 to show how black holes are formed

So first someone in each group to blow up thier balloon

And then put some foil in each balloon

And last pop the balloon with the pin

So the foil is the sygnum loop that makes the black hole

They're made from the exploitation from planet to drag the objects from the space fiction wave

And that's the end of our lesson

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