Matthew Meyers The story of an upcoming artist

The Start: This was where the art first began. This simple piece of art was where Matthew discovered his more creative side existed. He began to learn about all the different tools and how he can really personalize each image to be unique as his own.
The Discovery: This image was where Matthew discovered that the possibilities of thing you could do to an image using photoshop are literally endless. If you can imagine it, photoshop is there to help you actually create it. He put his imagination to work and created a unique image using his newly found photoshop skills.
The Fixer Upper: Matthew now realized that not only could he create, but he could help others creations become even better. With the help of tools such as the spot healing brush, the healing brush, and the patch tool he was able to make Gramps' picture appear spotless.
The Mystery: This is where Matthew began to his more mysterious artistic side with the help of the puppet warp tool. Here Matthew was able to create an image that may challenge the viewers to a point where they may ask, "Which is the wiener dog and which is the hot dog?"
The Disaster: Matthew was able to take different elements and combine them to create a scene filled with fear, beauty, and disaster all combined into one. The puppet warp tool came in handy here along with the use of the quick selection tool. Although Matthew could have done much more with the image, the simplicity of it shows what a strong message such a simple piece of artwork can represent.
The Job: Matthew's first time ever being hired to create artwork was when Marvel Comics Group hired him to crete a cover for their new comic book featuring the Dark Phoenix and the X-MEN. This was one of the most iconic comic book covers of 2016. In an interview he explained that he chose the color scheme because these are the colors he always imagined the characters would look best in. With lots of help form the brush tool, Matthew was able to create a beautiful, unique cover for Marvel.
The Favorite: Matthew was able to take his favorite picture of his favorite animal and make it unique. He turned his favorite cat into a painting with the use of the Art History Brush tool.
The Inspiration: There was one man who always played a huge role in inspiring Matthew and his art was then turned into an art piece to help inspire those who follow Matthew's art. The Art History Brush tool was what made all this possible.


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