Head Like A Hole By Nine Inch Nails

Pretty Hate Machine

1990 | Rock

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God money's not looking for the cure. — God money's not concerned with the sick among the pure. — God money let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised. — God money's not one to choose.


  • The music video was made for the ""Clay" remix, directed by Eric Zimmerman & was released in March 1990 and again later in 1997 on the Closure VHS
  • During Lollapalooza '91, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, Gibby Haynes and Ice-T joined Nine Inch Nails live performances on-stage as additional guitarists for "Head Like a Hole."
  • Has been notably covered by Devo, Showbread, AFI, Korn & Buckcherry.


Luke Tatum

This song was a bit of a legend amongst my circle of friends back in junior high and high school. I've never lost any of my respect for it. The way I interpret the repeated use of "God Money" is to suggest that the tops of both pyramids (religion and money alike) are reached by those with sinister intent. Why? Beacuse they are chasing power. Now, can I agree with this as a rule? No, absolutley not. I believe that reaching the top in business can and should be a result of providing value for other people. However, history shows us scheme after scheme hatched by the more wicked elements of the human race, aimed at taking the largest share of resources possible. Now, Trent Reznor may or may not agree with me here...but the dishonest, evil way to the top is almost always by use of the state.

Sherry Voluntary

I’m a fan of Nine Inch Nails, and love this song, but I can just hear all the anti-capitalists singing at the top of their lungs because they think we capitalists worship money. I think nothing could be further from the truth. Money is not the god of capitalists. Capitalism at its core is based on voluntary exchange of goods or services. To say capitalism is about greed is to assume that business owners have all the power, when in actuality consumers determine with their buying choices what products and services are provided. The great myth of capitalism is that businesses prey on their consumers. At face value this myth can be dismissed because anything a business might gain from preying on consumers would contribute to the direct failure of that business, therefore making it a very poor business strategy. In the current crony-capitalist system businesses are less accountable to consumers because The State protects them from competition. In a truly capitalist economy, there are no State protections from competition, thereby benefiting the consumer by driving down the prices of goods and services, and empowering them by making business more beholden to the desires of consumers. This encourages not only higher standards of living, it promotes peace because trade is more beneficial to people than conflict.

Nicky P

That synth pumps out one of my all-time favorite bass riffs as we scream angstily at whatever elites are our villain. The definition I use for religion is simply a system for ordering the world around you, by tbis standard in the modern age money has by and large taken the place of religion. The cultural marxist identity politics & intersectionalism write a narrative that blames money for all the problems & sadly its an easy trap to fall into with little understanding of economics...so basically everyone who went to public schools. I think this song points out the reverence and worship that people have toward state run currency. Fallible,constantly inflating ultimately worthless currency. The money itself is the god. Now capitalists know $ isn’t the problem, its a tool, but the story is a hard one to sell when so much control is in the hands of those with power. How do you separate the money from the power? By deincentivizing. I could ramble on indefinitely but I think taunting all the commies who think $ and not political power is what runs the world by chanting this hook over and over is worth its weight in gold. I believe they will get what they deserve.

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Nicky P

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