Holidays in Romania November-December

Scoala Gimnaziala "Inv. Radu Ion ", Romania

November 30th it's Saint Andrew's Day, the patron saint of Romania, the one who protects the people of Romania.It's a religious holiday and we have a day off.People usually go to the church in the morning, then those who celebrate their name's day called Andrei and Andreea , so people go to private parties.

The Cathedral from Ploiesti

This is a religious song ( a carol for St. Andrew )

This day, we put wheat in a plate to grow until the end of December.The last day of December we see how much it grew.If it's nice it means the year to come will be a prosperous year for that person/family.It brings us good luck for the new year.

December 1 st is the National Day of Romania.We have a day off.This day people go to see the military parade, the show of airplanes in the city center.There are open air concerts in the town.Many people have a mini holiday and they go to the mountains to relax or they visit relatives and friends.

The parade in my town

In 1918 Romania was unified.People hang up the flag at their gates or on balcony.

This is a patriotic song talking about protection, about liberty and the history of Romanian people.

Starting with the 1st of December our towns and capital are decorated for Christmas.It's a pleasure to have a walk in the town during the evening.

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