Talking Heads Timeline By Adam Gockley


Menes 3,032 B.C.-2,952 B.C.

Like many other pharaohs, Menes had a big impact on Ancient Egypt. He was the ruler of the first dynasty and he brought Upper & Lower Egypt together. He was possibly attacked by dogs, wolves, or some think even a hippo, leading to his death.


Khufu 2,589 b.c - 2,566 b.c.

Khufu directed the building and organization for the Great Pyramid at Giza. Although the pyramid is the biggest one, it seems smaller than the rest because it is at a lower elevation.


Khafre 2,520 B.C. - 2,494 B.C.

Khafre ordered the construction of "Khafre the Great Pyramid". His face is also the one on the sphinx. He had over 100 statues.

Mentuhotep II

Mentuhotep II 2,060 B.C. - 2,010 b.C.

Mentuhotep was the first ruler of the Middle Kingdom. He also reunited Egypt again and people called him the 2nd Menes. He ordered the construction of one of the most famous structures in Thebes.


Ahmose 1,550 - 1,525 B.C.

Ahmose helped to drive out the Hyksos when they invaded. Ahmose was the first ruler of the New Kingdom. He gained territory as far east as the Euphrates and got Palestine.


Hatshepsut 1,479 b.c - 1,458 B.C.

Hatshepsut was one of the few women pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. She ruled with her stepson. She built many great temples and tombs but had them damaged and destroyed.

Thutmose III

Thutmose III 1,458 B.C. - 1,425 B.C.

He was known as a great general and statesman. He had led 16 military campaigns and his victories brought a time of peace to Egypt.

Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III 1,390 B.C. - 1,352 B.C

Amenhotep III devoted most of his time to keeping peace between everyone. He had built the largest temple ever also! His ruling was a high point in Kemet's History.


Akhenaten 1,352 B.C. - 1,336 B.C.

This pharaoh tried to change the entire religion of Egypt to worship the sun god. He also made it so that all of the power went to the pharaoh. He brought beauty to the land and had a pretty wife, Nefertiti.

Ramses II

Ramses II 1,279 B.C. - 1,212 B.C.

Ramses II was a great soldier and builder. He had ruled Kemet for 67 Years! He was also thought to have ENSLAVED the Israelites.

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