Amazon Echo Gage Nilson

The amazon echo is great if you don't have any hands to spare. You can just ask it to do almost anything. Like to search for something, play music, or to order something. You can buy the echo dot if the regular is to expensive.

You can buy it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Best Buy. You can get it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $179.99 and for the dot $49.99. Best buy you can get them for the same prices.

You could be busy or have your hands full and need to schedule something and all you need to do is tell the echo what to do. You can also order things from it to and it would be quicker. You can also have it play music and have it play the news so you know whats going on.

Amazon Echo: Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott Dance Party Commercial

A lot of people seem to like the echo. They have good ratings on amazon and other websites. Its great for around the house and is getting better and smarter as time passes.

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