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You can see that Asia is in the northern hemisphere and Japan is to the east of Asia so Japan is in the northern eastern hemisphere. In addition Japan is located in Asia.

The Pacific Ocean borders Japan on most of its sides.

Fun Fact

The Sea of Japan also known as the East Sea borders the western side of Japan .
Japan is in the temperate zone. It's coordinate are 36.2048°N, 138.2529°E


The temperature is hot and cold during the year and the seasons are summer, fall, winter, and spring.

2 Major Physical Features

Mount Fuji is known for having numerous examples volcanoes throughout the year and is a famous volcano in Japan. Also it is Japan's most popular attraction.

Shinano is the biggest River in Japan. The Shinano's length is 228 miles long.


Japan's population is 126 million people. This would be a large population and the world rank is 10th.

Japan's population density

Japan is a crowded country and the world rank is 40th. There are 872 people per square mile.

The growth rate is -.0707% and it is negative, when I say negative it means that it is decreasing and the fertility rate is 1.4 per woman.

This is Tokyo the largest city in Japan! The population is 13.62 MILLION people.

Yokohama, Kanagaua is the 2nd largest city in Japan. It is 10 million below Tokyo's population putting it at 3.733 million people!

Osaka has a population of 2.669 million people which puts it in 3rd place for being the largest city in Japan.

This is Nagoya,Aichi it's in 4th place with a population of 2.283 million people.

This is Sapporo, Hokkaido it is the 5th largest city of Japan. It has a population of 1.918 million people.

Japan is more rural than urban because most of its land is covered with buildings and buildings.

Japan's net migration

More people are leaving Japan than entering.


Japan is a developed country. One reason why is the literacy rate is 99%. Literacy rate,how many people know how to read and write. Reading and writing are very important, most jobs require that or else you can't work there. Another reason is that the life expectancy is 84.46 years this is the average life spand for men and woman. Living a long life would be most people's dream. Also living a long life he or she could be a grandma or grandpa or dad or mother. They could tell there relatives about there great life hopefully. My last reason is the GDP per capita is 37,100. GDP mean total value goods and services per year. 37,100 is a good number and shows that they can pay for school and medicine and etc. Japan is a developed country.

On the top you see two things of food. This is washoku and the bottom left is Japanese Curry. The last one on the bottom right is Dango.

Japanese Curry

Japanese Curry is filled with potatoes, carrots, and onions and meat. A soup filled with all those ingredients.


Dango is steamed dumplings made with rice flour


Washoku is a traditional cuisine in Japan. It includes rice with miso soup.

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Japan, Asia


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