House on Evening View Drive Matthew ROdriguez

My Name

My father growing up faced much adversity being a smaller boy in school ,and learned from a young age that judging was a starting point of problems. When I was waiting to be born he felt my name was Matthew because of verse 7:1 in “The Book Of Matthew”. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” One thing he knew he was going to teach me was that only ones who are judged are judged in return.

Im first in my family to be given my name ,but I entend on having it passed on. I’d like for others in the future to recognize my family tree by the name “Matthew Rodriguez” just like the line of king’s and Queen’s “ George and Elizabeth’s ”. Just not as royalty because “ Matthew” isn’t elegant or fancy enough. I like the idea of passing on my name because I want my sons and their sons and their sons to have the luxury of growing wiser and stronger in time like the name they’ll be given. And I enjoy giving people happiness and when I pass on my name to my sons and grandchildren I conclude they’ll continue giving others happiness.

I like my name because in essence … my name is just myself. Yes, my name has initial characteristics like wise, kind, and loyal because of Saint. Matthew ,but really I give my name characteristics and meaning. My name means wise, kind, loyal , and Cooperative, Courageous, Generous, Outgoing, Innovative, Independent and many others. Names don't give people meaning it's the person who gives the name meaning, and that's why I love my name.

My House

My house is not old. In fact it was only built a few years ago. It just has an old soul. Its post are dark and have an aged look. The dim windows are like eyes. They look out on the quiet gray street that momentarily have a different car pass through it. The grass is not green, but yellow. Its thin tree has no leaves and is sad. My house is tired because it endures the loudest and biggest family on the block.

Through my eyes my house is not only a shelter but a sanctuary for love, peace, and creativity. It holds everything that could possibly make me happy. I love my home because it's mellow appearance is welcoming .

My Dad

Before I continue I need to say that my father and I have always had a good relationship. He’s guided me through life to get where I am at this moment. He’s stood next to me during the bad and horayed with me through the good. But traveling through childhood I'd sometimes felt that my dad wasn't emotionally connected to me until i had turned around 12. And the following story is one of the first touching major experience I had ever had with anyone.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon during the summer and it felt as if the Sun where only a few feet above our heads. My dad and I were working on cleaning his truck as we splashed water on each other and threw huge soap bubbles at ourselves. After we were done we sat in his truck and enjoyed having a soothing ice cold AC fan blow in our faces and listening to baseball on the radio. We relaxed for about 15 minutes before he lowered the radio and looked over at me asked me to pay attention. “ Matthew, I want you to know that I work long hard hours for you, your brother, and sister so that you guys can have what I didn’t.. My parents didn’t care who my friends where, how my grades were, and where I went to school but I care for you and want you to be more that what I am. I see a lot of myself in you and I see how you view the world and different things and it’s beautiful. You have a lot of potential to be successful in your future.” He went on for a few more minutes till he ended with a quote from a line from one of our favorite movies. He paused ,and I noticed a single drop of tear came out his glowing brown eye and he said “ you are my son”.


My personal vignettes show the shaping of my identity completely over the years of my life. They go over topics that I really value and cherish. These topics make a difference in my life because they are the foundation of how I think, act, and view the world.

Some of the issues that Esperanza faces are relatable and visible in my life. Esperanza faces a lot of doubt from her society and i feel that too. Not for the same reason though. Esperanza is doubted from society because she is a migrant and lives in a poor neighborhood. I feel doubted sometimes because I think that older people in the world don't take children serious enough. Many people my age have great ideas and if society isn't taking them seriously those ideas will die. But I really enjoyed the book because Esperanza was very easy to relate to.

I felt a lot of coming of age recently and my Vignettes reflect that. You can see that as i grow older i'm gaining new feeling for different topics. One of those is how i view my father now. He's really made an impact on my life. Just in another way compared to if I was still 5 or 7.


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