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Over time, movies have become an integral part of the society in which we live. This art form allows the viewer to set reality to the side for a few hours, and spend that time immersed in a world different from their own. The best movies have the ability to evoke emotions in their viewers that normally don't surface in everyday life. With that being said, M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth fails miserably at this and thus is my least favorite movie. This movie, starring father and son duo Will and Jaden Smith, has been called by Will as, "the most painful failure in my career.” It is also the reason as to why Inception is my most favorite movie!

The posters for both Inception and After Earth


M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth is, without a doubt, the worst movie I have ever watched. For starters, the only reason this movie exists is because Will Smith wanted to help jumpstart his son's acting career. What better way to do that than to star with your son in a big budget action movie, right? Wrong. Will Smith's charismatic personality is non-existent in this movie, as the plot requires his character to be stationary for the duration of the film. Jaden is on screen for the majority of the film, and he has no personality whatsoever, almost to the point that it can be likened to watching a piece of cardboard act. The plot is your normal cookie cutter Hollywood action movie, the action sequences leave much to be desired, and everyone overall in the movie acts as if they are apathetic to be involved in the production. Most importantly, this film evoked no emotional response from me, other than boredom.


Everything that After Earth does wrong, Inception does right. I may be impartial as my favorite director directed this movie, but regardless I consider Inception to be my most favorite movie of all time. Inception has a fantastic and original plot, centered around the idea of "Inception" or placing a thought into a person's mind that wasn't there before. Visually, the movie is absolutely stunning...

...and it is even more impressive after hearing about Christopher Nolan's insistence on using practical effects over computer generated ones.

The acting is exceptionally well done, but that comes as no surprise with a stacked cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and Marion Cotillard. Most importantly, Inception evoked multiple emotions from me as I watched. I was thrilled, I was sad, I was filled with suspense, etc... It is for this reason I hold Inception as my most favorite film of all time.

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