Target: Coffee Bethanny Blackmore, Emily Clemenson, Nate Cockrum, Jeff Fox, Jack Layman, Clint Ross, and James Sauerwein


  • Why is Category Management important?
  • How does it affect a large corporation like Target?


  • Low inventory turnover rate due to product dilution

Data Analytics:

  • Basis of all category management

Price Harmonization:

  • Recent Trends have increased the importance of price harmonization
  • Competition in a global market
  • Understanding the consumer's proximity to competitors

POP Video Taping:

  • Increased use of technology in the workplace
  • Ability to identify customer feelings
  • Using information to better advertise products

In-Aisle Technology

  • Helps build relationships
  • Attracts consumers to stores rather than on online shopping
  • Increases brand awareness

Personalization and Localization:

  • Ask local community members what their preferences are
  • Allow stores to determine best sellers for their store


  • Solution: Discontinue the lowest selling brand out of each segment of coffee (whole bean, ground coffee, etc.) and replace it with the best selling brand.


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