Sex, PowerPoint, and invasion of privacy

Opinion- In this chapter of "lol OMG" I thought it was one of the most well written stories throughout the whole book. I think it's a very valuable lesson that most people need to learn. I don't think that anybody thinks that they will be in these types of situations, but it's very real and these things do happen every day.

Summary- Melissa Murphy was alone in her college dorm, she thought it was a funny idea to make a blog list of all the boys she's encountered and done sexual things with. It came to be known as the Duke Sex List, " First passed from one friend to another, then passed around fraternity lists, emailed all over the world, and finally catching the attention of the mainstream media. The story was picked up by the likes of the New York Times, vanity fair, and the today show." She didn't change any of their names in this blog and this was to the intent of a joke, it didn't play out that way in the end. It was overly embarrassing for all of the men involved in this scheme and now this is part of who they are. When they go to get jobs, and then I looked up this is what everyone will see it and it is such an invasion of their privacy and this chapter is about learning these things. I have a feeling this will greatly affect her in the future for how people think of her and feel about her because who would trust somebody like this one even it was just sent to three of her friends, just goes to show that even if you send it to one person, it will be out there and you lose control once you click send.this has now affected her physically and mentally, she will not be charged for invasion of privacy and many attorney fees. I feel like this will greatly affect her in the future to because she just wrecked her online reputation and that shows that she doesn't make good decisions even if it was just some joke.


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