Canada in 2050 By:alexia


the population is holding at a good 35 million people and its expecting to increase in the next couple of years.the birth rate is a t 1.7 per women which is not good because that means it can only replace one person out of the couple.Canada is a very diverse country with all the different cultures you can think of and the high immigration between the years of 2001-2012 of 2.9 million people.In Canada more than 1.3 million people identified as first nations.


In 2050 i think the population isnt expected to increase by alot because it depends on the future of the poulation now now and alot of the population noware adults (40 and up).So that means that most of the population are gonna be seniors. The population is gonna be mostly seniors. The death rate is also expected toto be higher than the birthrate


immigration is expected to increase well and stay at a good rate because of ita high rate of 250,000 people per year.But it wot stop anytime soon because of the politicians because they want the immigrant vote.

first nations

in 2011 the 1.3 million people who identified as first nations were mostly elderly so the promisng future is non-exsistent, but they still have a couple of young first nations.First nations live a very struggled life because of there depressing past.Also not many of them have a future after secoundary school.

in this article i have told you you thatover the 34 years, canadas population,immigration,and first nations communities will change drasticaly over the years.

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