6th grade team meeting Nov 29th and Dec 1st

Good morning team we have several things we need to put into play in our upcoming meetings.

Rational Aim: To create action teams who will move the work of the 6th grade team forward

Experiential Aim: To provide each teacher the opportunity to take ownership in the 6th grade plan and choice in where to support the work on the plan.

A. Decide on sub-teams to work on different aspects of the plan

1. Locker clean outs: follow the guidelines established by Tim:

  • Can be done weekly but only half a 6th grade a time - so this would be every other week for students.
  • We will have to figure out how to divide the 6th grade homebase into two groups and then schedule locker clean outs for group A and group B
  • The first half of homebase is in the room
  • The second half of homebase is locker clean-out - organization
  • Making sure we have supervision in the hallway

2. 7th grade support - Katie Nohr's class will support students in tutoring sessions. A checklist of student organization expectations and how the mentoring student should help needs to be created.

3. Does the team want to do a video? This video would be created using some 8th graders.

B. Discussion about Positive Behavior Assembly - uses the PBF (positive behavior framework/ riff on PBIS - positive behavior interventions and supports. Why? Because PBIS is a proprietary system in MN, meaning you are part of a state co-hort, which we are not)

The original plan and sent out in e-mail was to do this on Dec. 1st. However to do it well a little more planning time is needed.

C. Review: E-mail to go home to parents - has been created.


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