Costumes Crew set

It starts with a little sew there and a pin here then the magic starts!

Theatre Art Costume Design is one of the biggest part of Theatre, Based on what the play is about and how the character is organized the design of the costume resembles the character in how or what they are supposed to acting as.

Amongst the ancient Greeks, are believed to be the origin of theatre, and therefore Theatre Costume. The sculpture and vase paintings provide the clearest evidence of this costume,Because of their ritualized style of theatre many masks were used giving each character a specific look and they varied depending if they were used for comedic or dramatic purposes.

As we all know,costumes arent just meant for plays and festivals, it is also made for film and concerts sometimes even holidays. As told the character on its behavior and rely on the outfit to tell the mood or the event. National colors are important of the scene including graphics which is also the big part of the outfits effect/shine.

Cinderella Shoes Graphic Effect.
Created By
Jasmine Lopes


Created with images by Huntington Theatre Company - "#VenusInFurBOS costume design sketches by Charles Schoonmaker. #theatre #theater #venusinfur #costumedesign #fashion #kinky #sm"

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