Galileo Galilei By: Esther Procaccini #23

This is Galileo Galilei! He lived during the renaissance era and was a scientist and astronomer! He was a teacher also. He found out a lot of thing and those things nobody ever proved yet. I have some examples like this...

He found out even if an 100 lb lead ball and a 1 lb lead ball were dropped at the same time. They would land at the same time. He also invented a lot of things too...

Galileo invented the telescope so that then he could look through space. He was so proud of himself you have no idea. Guess what he invented this during the renaissance and we still use it!

Galileo was born on February 15, 1564. He was always interested in science but his father wanted him to follow his footsteps.

This is the Galileo thermometer. He invented this to tell the temperature! This is how you tell what the temperature is. The lowest bulb on the top is the temperature. The temperature right now is 80°. 

Surprise surprise! Galileo ends up in..........JAIL! You know why he ended up there? Because he was against the fact the Earth was in the center of the universe. Crazy right! I mean who does that now?

Galileo later his health weakened. Guess what? He turned blind! So he had his "son" (he didn't marry this woman but they you know...) write notes for him for his research.

R.I.P Galileo R.I.P. Galileo died on January 8, 1642.

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