#WE35 - February 2017 Dripping Springs, Texas - Dave Wilson

It feels just like the old days! Go out with a camera, fixed 35mm lens, nothing else. Shoot exactly 36 frames and publish the results - all 36 frames, good, bad or indifferent.

One of the metal signs outside "The Big Drip" ice cream store.

My expedition involved a Saturday morning walk around the Mercer Street area of Dripping Springs, Texas and here are the results. I've not included absolutely every exposure in the storyboard (they're all in the contact sheet) since there were a couple of duplicates (yes, I failed to nail a couple of the tricky exposures on the first try) but the whole story is here.

The final images have had my standard Lightroom workout but I've not done anything serious to them and they are all at least 90% of the original image area with minimal or no cropping.

Dripping Springs dubs itself "The Gateway to the Hill Country". It's a predominantly agricultural community but, over the last dozen years, has seen ongoing explosive growth as a dormitory for Austin which lies about 20 miles to the east. This leads to a great mixture of businesses on Mercer Street ranging from Rippy's Feed Store (more of which later) to a collection of tourist antique and gift shops, a dance hall, The Barber Shop pub, Hudson's pub and live music venue, a high-end guitar dealer and a construction equipment rental lot.

Assorted views of some of the downtown sights.
The Barber Shop is no longer a barber shop. Instead, it's the local pub and a place loved by local followers of the Texas craft beer scene. They have several dozen local brews on draught and you are always assured of a good conversation to go along with your pint. Interestingly, they still get people wandering in looking for a haircut and they have a chalkboard inside which keeps tally of the number of people who have made this mistake since the pub opened.

Mercer Street is currently undergoing major renovations with improvements in the sidewalks and generate beautification. With the growth in the local population, I suspect the tax base has improved allowing for more public expenditure but there's also been a lot of private development too. Recent additions include a rather good dance hall open at weekends and Hudson's, a pub which hosts live music several times a week.

The "Giving Tree" celebrates the local organizations and businesses that have contributed to the renovation and update of Mercer Street over the last few years.
You're never far from the state flag when in Texas.

Rippy's Ranch Supply

One of my favorite places in Dripping Springs is Rippy's Feed Store. It sits right in the middle of Mercer Street and, I'm sure, hasn't changed in the last 50 years. The folks there are always ready for a chat and happy to see visitors even if they only want to take photos. It has become a location of choice for many of the local high school senior portrait sessions and we spent last week's 4-H Photography Group meeting there, keeping out of the rain and taking portraits in the barn at the back.

Some of the architectural features are Rippy's are somewhat less than square :-)

Classic vinyl in the window behind Hudson's on Mercer.

I stopped a couple of times on the way home (I had saved 4 of my 36 exposures), the first time at Deep Eddy Vodka. The distillery was closed but they had left their VW van parked outside.

My final stop was just before reaching home. One of the neighbors is in the process of building this rather cool log cabin so I used my final two exposures to record the progress.

(c) 2017 Dave Wilson http://www.davewilsonphotography.com

All photos taken between 9am and 10:30am on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 using a Nikon D810 with 35mm f/2.0D lens.

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