PoznerPhotoInc Works By Courtney pozner

Shoot Four- The Flora

With my final shoot I chose to shoot images of Bella. I chose her because she has a similar look to Corinna in the aspect of pure natural beauty. I wanted this shoot to be similar to my garden shoot but I wanted to have it on the opposite end of the color scale.

Shoot Three- The Music

For this shoot I really wanted to focus on the golden hour glow. The reason I chose to do a composite as my final image was because there were so many components I wanted to incorporate.

Shoot Two- The Garden

For this Photo shoot I wanted to capture something that reflected the garden of eden. That is why I chose the Ivy and the gradient. this is the ultimate essence of rebirth and I chose Corinna because she has a very pure look and beautiful natural red hair.

Shoot one- Waking up

For this shoot I wanted to take photos of something refreshing. This is why I chose coffee because when you first wake up in the morning you are "reborn" from yesterday. I really wanted to capture the feeling of waking up.


Week 10

For my breadth, I wanted to give the viewer a clear focal point. I wanted to incorporate color as well as texture. I feel that the shallow depth of field was very important to following this technique because you want a clear subject. I also wanted to create an eerie vibe in the photo because it was the day before halloween. The background of the corn field was helpful in doing this but the main way that I did this was by using a dead looking corn husk. ISO 100, F1.8, 1/1000


Week 8 & 9

This two week span contained darkroom photography. Although this is something I am very experienced with, it was still difficult to get back into the groove of things.

Week Six

In this shoot I wanted to take a portrait that captured the essence of fall. For this image my settings were intentionally darker to create very detailed pieces of the image. ISO 100, F 5.0, 1/250


Week Five

In this weeks shoot I wanted to pick an element. Water worked well since it is still relatively warm outside. For this particular shoot there wasn't very much light, so my ISO had to be moved up which created a bit of digital noise which I then fixed in photoshop. ISO 400 F4 Shutter 1/4.


Week Four

I feel that it is important to build and improve on basic photography techniques over and over again. That is why I continue to shoot minimalistic photographs. I work to improve every time I take a photo like this in the aspect of content, image quality, and editing skills. ISO 100, F 5.6, Shutter 1/125.

Golden Morning

Week Three

For this weeks breadth study I wanted to focus on pastels. I wanted to have a pattern in the background that was less distracting but still interesting to look at. This is part of the reason that I made the depth of field a bit more shallow. To make the pink in the background pop, I used a more neon pink in the foreground. ISO 400, F 5.0, 1/4000

Week Two

Temperature is relative, and I wanted to capture opposites. In my first image I wanted to capture a cooler image. In the second image my goal was to show an image with cool tones but a warm message within the photograph. My last photo was meant to be warm overall. Main Photo Metadata: ISO 100, F 5.0, 1/800.


Week One

This shoot is meant to convey a second person perspective. I placed Lily in a doorway with a wall directly behind her to make it seem like she was inside the wall. The reason I did this was to create an image that looks flat. 1/160 f 4.5 ISO 400

Looking Forward