Attracting our audience

Firstly we showed our first draft to a group of 30 people. Then produced their feedback on padlet so we could change the relevant changes. The main changes we needed to make were those that referred to the narrative. We created many drafts which were then shown to our target audience. This was useful as we knew exactly what people wanted. We also had a survey monkey which referred to psychological features and demographic features, this allowed us to embed things which scared scared our target audience.

Later into the process I gathered 5 people who fitted into my target audience category. They watched the latest version and told me what they did like and what they didn't like. This helped me find out what our specific target audience liked and disliked.

Our qualitative research
Our qualitative research
Our qualitative research

One of the people told us our fake blood didn't look right therefore we took those shots out. More than one told us that our final shot was good therefore we kept it in. Also the cuts between shots, we were told our blackouts were effective therefore we kept them in however we knew we could over use them therefore we restricted ourselves to only using them in the opening sequence.

We were told our narrative wasn't completely clear, therefore we developed this idea and tried to make changes so it was more obvious. We were also told our titles didn't follow the conventions as they were in the wrong order therefore we changed this for our final piece to make it look professional.

We were later told that our titles were great therefore we left these and focused on parts, such as the narrative which could be changed.


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