Our Trip to Wales From March 27th to April 1st

From Portsall to Caen
Our Trip in England & Wales
Monday, March 27th

First, we arrived at college with our parents at 8:50. We went on the bus to Saint-Renan to change it because it was too small. Then we ate on a parking lot on the road. We drove as far as Caen and after we visited the cemetery of World War II and Omaha beach.

A lot of tombs in the American cemetery

There were thousands of tombs ; it was very moving there were lots of victims. After this we went on Omaha Beach where the Normandy landings took place.

The group at the American cemetery in Normandy
The pupils are reading the questions about the cemetery then they are having fun before going to Omaha Beach.

Then we went to the harbour station to eat and took the boat at 10:30. In the boat, there was a big party and we danced with our teachers. Finally, we went to our living room to sleep. The sea was very calm but our school friends did a lot of sound so we didn't sleep well on that night.

The boat was the Mont Saint Michel
Tuesday, March 28th

We got out of the boat at 7 o'clock and went to the harbour station. After that we went on the bus and we continued the trip !

First, in the morning we walked to Stonehenge.

The group at Stonehenge

It was very long and boring and the teachers gave us some documents we had to complete. After that we went to the center and back on the bus to continue the trip!

Selfie in front of the stones
Girls with Stonehenge in the background

In the afternoon, we ate next to the river in Bath and we walked to the museum.

Short snack next to the river before visiting the Roman baths

We saw a street artist in front of the museum, he was a very good singer. Then , we went to the museum in Bath , the guide gave us some audio guides to listen to instructions in French. We visited the museum and we saw the baths. We didn't touch the water because it was very dirty and toxic. Last , we went to the shop .

The Roman baths and a Roman reconstituted wall

Then we went on the bus to go to Cardiff and meet the families. They were very nice . Raphael and Armando ate chips and pizza , Guillaume ate chips and hamburger and Evan ate chips too for their dinner .

Wednesday, March 29th
Cardiff Castle with the Norman Keep at the front and Principality Stadium at the back

In the morning, we went to Cardiff Castle. First, we visited the Battlement Walk. We heard strong sound like bombs. Then we visited the Norman Keep, we walked up and we saw the Principality Stadium. After the Norman Keep, we visited the Castle Apartments: the library, the Arabic room, the dining room ...

In front of the castle apartments
In front of the trebuchet

We saw a big “trebuchet” in the garden and the falconry next to the Castle. And we saw a falcon show. It was a nice visit but it was sometimes boring.

Before going to Principality Stadium in the afternoon, we went to St David , a big shopping centre. We went to a sport shop and we bought rugby balls and we bought some souvenirs for our family. Then we bought some ice-cream and after shopping we walked to the stadium.

Principality Stadium

A guide greeted us and we watched a short movie about Principality Stadium then we started visiting the stadium : the conference room then the changing room, after we went in the VIP rooms and we finished by the stands …

It was an amazing experience because the stadium is very big and beautiful.

In the press conference room

It was an interesting visit for people who love rugby but also for people who didn't know rugby.

The changing rooms, the VIP rooms and the stands
Thursday, March 30th

First, after getting up we took our breakfast and had some toasts, cereals, orange juice, milk, Nutella or pancakes for example. It was good and after breakfast we got dressed. And at 8:00 am we went to the meeting point to join our teachers and the other pupils and we took the bus to go to a golf field. After practising golf we were very happy because golf was really funny.

Instructions with our golf teachers

We returned in the bus and went in a park to eat our lunch because we were hungry and we went in shops to buy souvenirs and smiley pillows for example. Before returning in our families, we went to the Big Pit Museum and we visited the colliery.

At Big Pit Mining Museum

In the mines, it was very dark so it was very stressing because some people were claustrophobic. The guide was very nice and spoke about colliers and stables in the colliery.

It was interesting. And after Big Pit we returned in our families.

Equipment before going down into the mines

Ready to go down !

Friday, March 31st

At 8:30am we went on the bus to go to Bristol. First we visited the Bristol museum and its art gallery.

In the hall

We thought Chinas, mummies and paintings were not very interesting and the stuffed animals were very scary. Our favourite piece of art was the paint pot angel by Banksy.

It was not a very interesting museum, and it was so long... At lunch time, we walked to a big park, its name was “Brandon Hill”. We ate our picnic and had fun with the pigeons. It was a very beautiful park. After that we walked all the afternoon in the streets of Bristol to find Banksy's works.

Well Hung Lover

We found “Mild Mild West” and “Well Hung Lover” and other works from street artists. His works are beautiful but it was very long to walk all the afternoon.

Finally we went to Portsmouth in the evening to take the boat and we slept in the ferry. It was a bit rough and some people were sick.

In Portsmouth harbour
What a great trip !

We liked visiting the Principality Stadium, Big Pit and the American Cemetery and Omaha Beach, because its was interesting. It was fun to learn how to play golf too. But we didn't like to visit Stonehenge located in the north west of Portsmouth because it wasn't interesting. And we didn't like visiting Bath either.

Good Bye !!!

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