We care about our families
We care about their health and safety
Every time we shop and every time we cook
We have their best interests in mind
Did you know that throwing food away can lead to issues that could effect your family?
If food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gasses behind the US and China
These emissions lead to big problems including
Powerful Natural Disasters
Spread of disease
These can effect your family if we don't reduce our carbon foot print from food waste
By reducing food waste, we can create a safer future for our children
Simple changes can have large impacts
So we are asking you: The defender of your children's future to use your education and resources to...

CODA B is a not-for-profit environmental group interested in the effects that consumption and consumer behavior have on climate change. Consumer behavior relating to food waste has a significant negative impact. Buying less and shopping more often is one of the most effective methods to reduce waste. As such CODA B has launched #ShopSmallShopOften that highlights the above problem with possible solutions. Advertising material has been created in the form of a campaign website, an educational video, a mock-up billboard, and social media ads. The target audience has been identified as a socially conscious educated parent with concerns about future generations. A multifaceted campaign with alternative views has been created to appeal to the individual consumers.

Billboard Mockup
Natural Disaster Facebook Mockups
Food Wastage Facebook Mockups
Created By
Joe Hwalek


Created with images by Unsplash - "basket vegetables food"

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