Human + Nature The Morton Arboretum • 4100 Illinois Route 53, Lisle, IL 60532

“Hallow” is constructed of concrete, steel and wood; and, resting in The Morton Arboretum, this sculpture was designed by Daniel Popper for his outdoor art exhibition, “Human + Nature.”
“Let's consider that the tree has a spirit and what that spirit has seen.”—Daniel Popper
Big sky too big to cry.
The first three sculptures are near the Visitor Center, less than a mile-long walk over a well-marked path.
“Sentient” is shape shifting beyond its makeup of fiberglass, steel and wood—mind expansion fully realized in the round.
Standing on the shoulders of giants.
“Umi” contemplates life from concrete and steel born into nature, concepted by Daniel Popper.
Each new day is akin to rebirth.
“Basilica” stretches out in an embrace between human and nature, longing for the connection, emphasizing the effort, and always open.
“The hands create an atmosphere for us to enter into a meditative stillness and presence.”—Daniel Popper
“Heartwood” beams with serenity, its concrete and steel coursing with life.
“Thumbprints are similar to tree rings, an individual imprint.”—Daniel Popper
Created By
Joseph Bonus


Copyright 2021 - Joseph R. Bonus