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How safety measures in the workplace can prevent injury?

In a video game design environment safety is of concern just like any other career. It can have many different hazards that you must be aware of in order to insure your safety while on the workplace. To prevent these injuries there must be rules or guidelines that must be followed by everyone to make sure that everyone is safe while working.

Why is it necessary for a game designer to be able to effectively communicate in writing?

As a game designer you will need to be able to communicate with your audience so that they can understand the game they are playing. In the game manual they should be able to understand every word in there. If your communication is poor then the audience will not be able to understand what they are playing, or what they are doing in the game.

Today in class we worked on a storyboard and it had to have a minimum of 3 scenes. In my storyboard I had a total of 4 scenes. Mine was about an astronaut who was sent to Venus to search for materials and resources. When he landed on the planet he was soon approached by aliens that wanted him off of their planet. So to get the mission done John had to fight off and kill all of the aliens on the planet. After he killed all of the aliens he got the American flag and planted on the ground of Venus claiming it for America.

Differences between copyright, trademark, and patent.

So a trademark is a symbol or number that is legally registered to represent a company or product. A patent is a government authority conferring aright or title for a set period. A copyright is an exclusive legal right given to an originator to print or publish to the world. Once copyrighted no one else can use the product.

Today was the first time I have ever used Photoshop and it was a little confusing. I think the more I practice with the program the more I will get better with it. It is pretty cool how you can edit and create your own image.

Healing brush and Magic wand

Today in class we worked on a picture of Sean Connery in Photoshop and practiced using the healing brush on his face. It was a pretty easy concept after i did this process over and over again. We practiced using the magic wand on putting Johnny Depp on the moon. This one was a little harder for me to understand, but i just need to practice more to get the concept down.

How to take notes correctly?

The correct way to take notes is to make a upside down t-chart. On the left side of the write main ideas or key vocabulary that you may need to refer back to. on the right side write down definitions, key ideas, repeated information, and important ideas. Below the t-chart is where you will want to write your summary of the notes you just wrote down. This is the correct way to take notes in our video game design class.

Difference between primary, secondary, and intermediate colors?

Today in class we worked on the different types of colors in Photoshop. Primary colors are a group from which all other colors can be obtained by mixing such as red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colors are colors resulting from the mixing of two primary colors such as green, orange, and violet. Intermediate colors are made by mixing equal amounts of primary and secondary colors. These colors can help you build and form your creations on Photoshop

Which video game design role would you want?

If I were to pursue the career of video games I would want to be the sound engineer. I just think creating sound effects and music for a game would be really awesome. It also pays pretty good money annually. It would be a really fun job to do for a video game.

Which is the most demanding job role in video game design?

In my opinion I think that the video game programmers have the most demanding job. I think this because when they are creating the coding for the game one little mess up can make the code not work. This job is very tedious and you have to pay close attention to details. The programmers also have a lot of coding that they have to go through to create the perfect video game.

Is video game design a good career?

I do think that video game design is a good paying job. I don't know if it is the right career for me though. I do like video game design but i cant see myself pursuing it as my career for the rest of my life. I do have other career option in mind though that i would like to pursue but i will definitely keep video game design in mind.

Backstory of zombies Alcatraz

All of the people that were imprisoned in Alcatraz when they died they buried them in basement of the prison. Once the prison was shut down they had forgotten about all the dead bodies they had buried. Over the past years the zombies have been multiplying waiting for people to come back and visit them. A group of ten go and visit the old prison only to find the living dead waiting for them.

Cod Mission

So my new code game is to the very beginning when everyone was a baby. Its gonna be Call of Duty: Babies. it going to babies against babies. This cod will be like the older one without specials and jumping. Classical combat at its finest with babies. Their mission is to seek and destroy all others of the opposite.

The Flood

So in the game the flood an astronaut has just found a source of water on the moon. He has also found their that there is a tree, and fished in he water. So now people would be able to live there because there is oxygen for people to survive on. Over the next couple of years they will work to build more things on the moon for the people who will soon live on it.

Favorite Mortal Kombat Character

My favorite Mortal Kombat character is Scorpion, because that is who i play as most of the time in the game. The reason I like is because that is my best character to play as. He is also one of the main characters so that also contributes to why I like him so much.

Converting Files

With the online converter website it was very easy converting the files to the correct file type. First I had to download the file to my Z-drive and save it. Next you had to do was select the file you wanted to convert it to then upload the file and click convert. Once it was done processing it would ask you where you would like to save it.


I feel pretty comfortable with the program, but it has been awhile since I used this program. So I may have forgotten some things and will need a review of certain things. I liked today where we went over some of the basics of Blender in case some people had forgotten how to use the program. It was a good refresher for me in Blender

Adding the yellow sub into Blender

The process of adding the yellow sub image into Blender is fairly east to do. First you got to UV image editor and open the yellow sub in there. Then you have to go to background image and add the image again and select left axis for the view. Then go into left ortho view and you should see the image in the background.

Adding the circle to the submarine photo

Last time in class we added the circle onto the submarine photo. We tried to place it as close to the middle of the sub as possible. We had to do a shift-a to add a mesh circle to the submarine.

Adding the periscope

So in order to add the periscope to the submarine we had to go into top view. From their we had to place our cursor om the center of the boat and then add the cylinder. Then we had to set the vertices of the cylinder to 12. The last parts were just extruding to make it look more like a periscope for a boat.

Adding the rudder

To add the rudder to the submarine we had to create a plane. We did some adjusting to the plane to make it look right. Then we had to line it up with the back end of the submarine. Last thing we did was extrude it a little to make the rudder 3-D with the submarine.

Creating the Martini glass

Today in class we started working on a new model which was the Martini glass. We first started out with a plane. Then we had to extrude the vertices to make it look like a martini glass. Then we rotated it 360 degrees to make the complete glass. Then we had to make some changes to the rim of the glass to make it look more realistic.

Adding the toothpick

To add the toothpick first we had to create a cylinder and scale it down. Then we had to add the points on the ends of the toothpick. Which gave it more of a toothpick look to it.

Merge and Collapse points

Today we started a new model which was the flashlight. we started by extruding and making the shape of a flashlight. For the end parts we had to merge the points and collapse them to round off the ends of the flashlight.

Adding Reflector

To add the reflector to the flashlight we had to add a cylinder. Then we had to scale it down to fit inside of the flashlight. Then you have to place it correctly inside the flashlight. This will then make the flashlight light up.

Unity Knowledge

In order to add the trees you first have to download it from the Unity store. Then to create a terrain it has to be a 3-D object. You can mess with the terrain and do whatever you would like to it. Then you can add the trees into the new terrain.

Unity 3-D Editors

So in Unity there are 5 3-D editors you can use to create your game. You have the transform editor which can changes the position, rotation, or the scale of the game object. There is the script which you can edit to make the object do a specific task. The materials can change the color of the the object. There Is the hierarchy which can create objects to use in the game.

Setting up the game steps

We started with the ground of the game and then colored it to help distinguish from the ball. We also had to scale the ground to make it the appropriate size for the game. Next we created the ball and had scale and position it correctly to fit onto the game. The rest was organizing the folders and game objects so that it would be easier to use.

Moving the camera with the ball

In Unity to make the camera follow the ball we had to add and create a new script for it. We had fix and change some things in the script in order for the camera to follow the ball. Then we had to position the camera perfectly so that it would capture all of the game.

Setting up the walls and game play area

In our game in order for the ball not to roll off we needed to create walls. We needed to create 4 walls. I had to make them the right size in order to fit the game area. Then once we were done with them we could change the color of the walls to whatever you would like.

Setting up Health

To set up the health slider for our game we had to go into 2-D. Then we had to put the slider in the bottom left corner. Then we had to put the correct positioning and we also set up the damage image which would appear red on the entire screen when you are hurt.

Adding Bulge background

To add the bugle background into Blender we first had to save it our z drive. Next we had to go into Blenders UV image editor. Where we had to open the bugle file. Then we had to activate it in blender by adding it into the background.

Building Castle Walls

One of the first things we did in this model is create the walls for the castle. In order to create the walls for the castle we had to extrude the vertices around in a square shape. We had to leave the front middle part open for the gate. Which will be created later on during this project.

Adding Towers

To make our model look more like a castle we had towers to the corners of the walls. We extruded and scaled the plane to form the shape of a tower. Then to finish it off we added cornice blocks around the top part of the tower.

Adding the Gatehouse

After adding the other towers the next step was to create the gatehouse for the model. We started it by adding a plane and a circle in the middle of that plane. I then deleted the lower half of the circles vertices and extrudes the rest to the bottom of the plane. Next i extruded the plane to the castle giving the gatehouse some width.

Texturing Process

In class today we added the textures to the castle to make it look more life like. To add the textures we had to create a material and texture and then assign it to a certain group. So we had to add the textures individually to all of the components of the model.

Control Alt 0

In blender there is hotkey for the camera positioning and it is Control Alt 0. With this you can position your camera however you want to. You want to have good camera positioning, because when you render your model it will use the positioning you set your camera to.

Setting up player and enemy

When we were doing this project we needed to add the player and enemies into the game. First we added the player into the game first. Then we added the enemies into the game and gave them both a little bit of movement.

Tile Prefabs

In order to create the game correctly we had to add tiles to the game. We added the outer and inner walls into the game also. We added each of the different tiles individually so that we could focus on each set of tiles.

Scripting Problems with Roguelike Game

Once we got to the scripting part of the game we ran into a lot of issues. Some of the script was wrong causing us to not be able to play the game. We had problems with all the scripts we used so we ended up just quitting the game and started building a new one.

Setting up space shooter game

Setting up the space shooter game was fairly easy because all we were doing was changing the view of the game. We did this to give more of a arcade style game. We also imported all of the assets we were gonna need for the game. Then we saved the game to the correct files.

Player and Camera setup
When setting up the player we had to lighting to the ship to give it the correct lighting. We added 3 lamps all for the player ship. We then had to raise the camera in order to capture the entire game.
Adding Background

So for the space shooter game we have been working we added a background to it to make it look as if we were actually in space. We did this by making a quad and dragging the space texture onto the quad. Then we had to scale the quad so that it would cover the entire space game.

Moving player by script

So in order for the game to the player needs to be able to move around so that he can dodge the asteroids. We added a script to the player so that now it was able to move around. You could also change the speed of the player if you wanted to also.

Adding photo to UV and 3D modes

To create this shark we need a photo to trace. So we opened up UV image editor and selected the shark image we saved earlier. We also had to add it to the 3D modes by adding it to the background images.

Scaling Extrusion for Shark Body

To create the body of the shark we had to extrude the vertices to fit the image we were using in the background. We had to use the scaling tool to shrink the size of the vertices. Once we fitted ans had the correct sizes we were done with the scaling of the shark body.

The River

Once we were done with the texturing of the cave we added a plane object and scaled it all around the entire cave. Then we had to add a material an texture the plane so that it looked somewhat like water. We also made it look a little transparent so that the river looked more realistic.

Creating the pedal base

To create the base of the pedal we started by using the original cube then changing the dimensions and scaling it a bit. Then we also added some modifiers to the base to give it more of a pedal shape. Then we extruded some of the vertices to make the shape of the pedal.

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