Mondrian Lines Vertical and Horizontal

What do horizontal and vertical mean?

Horizontal Means sideways ...

... Like the horizon.

Vertical means upright, like tree trunks ...

... or tall buildings.

Is there any other way?

Things that lean between horizontal and vertical are called Diagonal.

Today’s Learning Targets

1) Identify vertical and horizontal lines in the real world arounD you.

2) Use recycled cardboard to stamp horizontal and vertical lines onto a page.

Mondrian’s Abstract Art

Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan.

Born 1872. Name changed to Piet Mondrian 1906. Died 1944.

Composition II in Red, Yellow, Blue - 1930
Broadway Boogie Woogie - 1942

How do we start?

Recycled Cardboard Stamping

Horizontal and Vertical Lines.

Let the painting dry before adding colors.

More about Mondrian

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Noel Newquist


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