Maryland vs. Pennsylvania By: michaella brescia

The eastern half of Maryland is dominated by the Chesapeake Bay, and the surrounding estuaries and coastsal plain.
appalachian mountains run through Pennsylvania

Almost totally covered by mountains, most of the state is a series of rolling hills, plateaus and ridges, punctuated by valleys. Over 50% of the land is still covered by forest land and the only lowlands are in the southeast.

Germans came over to Pennsylvania and then were called the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Baltimore, Maryland grew to become one of the largest cities on the eastern seaboard, and a major economic force in the country.

Maryland's official State Dessert is the Smith Island Cake, designated in 2008. Made by the ladies of Smith Island for years, the cake is 'impossibly thin layers (8-12) of cake and icing stacked high.'
PA is known as the “Snack Food Capital of the World”. Pennsylvania is a leading producer of products such as potato chips, pretzels, ice cream and candy.

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