Tired Teens Should the start time of school change?

Souhegan High School is currently discussing the issue of whether or not school should start later or stay the same time. This affects all parts of the program here including students, athletes, and teachers. There hasn't been a conclusion to the debate just yet, but the school is considering the day to begin at least 30 minutes to an hour later than the usual start. Students have their own opinions about the topic.

Waiting for his chemistry teacher to help with homework, Alex Early puts his head down on the desk to catch up on sleep, knowing he'll spend most of his night doing homework instead of resting. "I would prefer the start time to be later personally," the Junior student says. "I think that teens biological clocks are wired in a different way, and the way the school system is set up at this point is not beneficial to them."
Megan Tupaj, a Junior captain of the Souhegan soccer team and member of the softball team has a different view on the topic. She says student athletes would have more of a difficult time if school started later. "Sports would stay the same time, and games would stay the same time," she argues. "Students would have to leave their classes earlier and miss them often to get to those games." If school starts later, that means it will end later as well, affecting both her classes and sports schedules.
Lauren Adriaansen is a Junior student who plays volleyball and has a 3.9 GPA. Taking AP classes comes with a tough work load, so she says she constantly finds herself staying up late to finish it to keep up her GPA. With a later start time-- "Even by half an hour," she states--would allow her to get more sleep to make up the time she lost doing work.
Linda Conley works in the attendance office at Souhegan High School and gets into school earlier than any of the students. However, she likes the current time school starts and would like it to stay the same. Her personal preference is to wake up early and get out early so she can have the rest of her day open.
This Junior plays basketball for the Souhegan team after school, and for this reason he believes the start time of schools should stay where it's at. Michael Estabrook thinks that if it changed, "There wouldn't be enough time to do homework." An later start to school means a later ending as well. "Sometimes I get home at 11:00 at night anyway because of sports, and I don't want to get home any later than that."
Emma Richards is another Junior student who attends Souhegan. She says that personally she doesn't really have that big of a problem with the current start of school because she tries to go to bed early anyway. However, she does find herself rushing to get her work done and sometimes not even finishing it to get to bed by around 10:30. A later start time would also help her too, allowing her to function better during school hours and completing what she needs to do for work.
Sarah Yurish is a Senior, but doesn't think changing the start time of school would benefit her enough. She admits she's constantly tired, but Sarah doesn't want to "give up things later in (her) day that are worth more," like hanging with friends, or going to work. The change would affect her after-school activities, which are worth more to her than getting another half-hour of sleep.
"In an ideal world you'd want it to start later," Abby Maroun says. "But because of sports and after school activities you kind of have to keep it at the same time, unless you want to get home late at night and still have homework." Because of her spot on the field hockey team and participation in theater Abby believes the start time of school would be more beneficial if it didn't change. Alyssa Saunders also agrees, saying that activities would go on for way too long and give her less time to do what she needs to do afterwards.
Robert Estes rushes to get his homework done in the Info Center so he can get more sleep tonight--which he finds he doesn't get enough of.
Meredith Lyttle spends her free period studying for classes to get the extra time she needs in order to get a good grade. She believes the start time of school should be later because teenagers need more sleep to actually function during school hours. "How can you expect me to function at 7:30 in the morning? I can't take a test at that time, I'll do worse on it than if I took it an hour later. That extra hour matters," she states. Meredith also works almost everyday after school and doesn't think the change in school hours would affect her schedule, despite what others say.

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