How war influenced society. daniel weatherspoon

How would it be like to live during a constant state of war? No actual freedom? The government would have to be very tight on security. No feeling of safety? How could you feel safe if you know that your country is under attack? There's no way to sleep at night with that feeling.

Back in this time period, wars were fought with only men. A women's life would change a lot if they were used to living with a man. Just as a man's life would change drastically if his wife suddenly went away for long periods of time. If a man were to not come back and was likely the provider of the family, how could the family thrive? Of course things are different now, but then a man would provide most if not all of the income.
The British military was formed mostly by younger men at the time. The older, more richer men were used for marriage. Since getting married was also good for the economy, and a bad economy during time of war means a country is failing at that point. The younger men that were poorer and didn't grow up in a rich family often went to the military. The richer were not common so they didn't risk going into the military and not controlling the wealth.
During this time period, England was a hostile area because of war. There were a series of wars that England had a part in during this period. The series of wars were called the Napoleonic Wars. They had kept the British in fear from the French. The British never knew what would come, so they had to live in a constant state of fear. There were wars back to back non-stop, hardly any breaks. The years they had been fighting were mostly from 1803 to 1814. Living in a country of war will definitely impact how a society works.
Elizabeth Bennet & Soldiers

In Pride & Prejudice, some of the women: Kitty, Lydia, and Mrs. Bennett are just in love with a man in uniform. Mrs. Bennett admits that she likes a man in the military. Makes you think about how many others are just like them. Were the majority of the females of the society also obsessed with the uniform? It's a kind of true today, there are some women and some men that like their spouse to wear an official uniform.

Soldiers that were not deployed were often in town. They would not tell war stories, but would focus on having fun and living life instead. The soldiers ranks could be assumed by the clothing they wear. This opened opportunities for them to talk and meet women. Because they were apart of the military, it allowed them to easily move up social classes. They were seen as respectable and honorable because of their services. Just as it is now, society hasn't changed much with views on the military. We honor our soldiers for their courage. Wickham is from a poor family but is also in the military and has upped his social class from doing that.

One way war changed the atmosphere was that they were put on a pedestal. Of course the public loved them and the public stood behind every decision they made. There was a strong feeling of nationalism during the time. The people had to support them, because who else would protect them from danger? Just as any country would support their military, the British did the same during this time period.
Being in the military helped men get married. It gave them status, and allowed someone to actually start from the bottom and rise up in status. If the man is poor, because of his status he might be able to marry into a rich family. That's a way that war influenced society, by allowing poor people to find ways to marry rich. But also by allowing such people into your family, in kind of messes up things. Letting a poor man into your family isn't really the greatest thing. It gives the family a name but not the best wealth. Wickham uses this logic with the Bennett family, trying to get rid of his own debts and have it under their name.

With every war there are some harmful effects to the economy. People are leaving their current jobs, money isn't being spent, money isn't being made. It's just a stand still of time because there is no growth during a war time. The people who have money get to keep it, and preserve it. The people who don't will struggle because there won't be many opportunities to make money. The government is constantly dishing out cash to make sure the soldiers have what they need when fighting in the war. Taxes are raising to fund the government and the cost of goods are rising to fund the people. It soon becomes an economic struggle and forces many men to join the military.

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