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Lesson 1

  1. Snapchat
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Whatsapp

This APPs help you in your social life, conect with friends, family, neighbours, or any one in only one touch. This apps are downoloaded worldwide.

Lesson 2

  • Vitali: App for being healthy and having a good diet
  • Wolf: An app to write about yourself, but nobody knows what you write.
  • Snackasham: An app for finding a restaurant of chinese food
  • Penuple: An app for writing stories with a pencil
  • Cowmow: Shows you how to choose good meat.

lesson 3

From the brainstorm I decided that my app should be for people above 7 years who can manage several quantities of measrment. Tha app should be easy to understand and to use.

lesson 4

From the apps that I use daily the easiest one from all of them is facebook. Facebook is one of the oldest apps that I use daily, it had been a lot of times changed and actualized. I think it is easy to use and manage, all the instructions of usage and how to comment and repost are clearly stated.

Lesson 5

From the brainstorm that I made the idea I like the most for making an app is how to manage and calculate distance, pressure, time, and more, all of this in only one app. This app is difficult to make because you need to calculate all the variables and quantities that can vary a lot, but if we make it functionate we could gain a lot of money with this app.


lesson 6

My app will help a lot of students of physics, math, chemistry, architecture, also can help architects, contructer men, and all the people the use measurments in their daily life. This app has to exist to make easier the life of a student.


Xact Balance is a new app with features that no one else has seen in app of this category. You can link this app with Facebook and Twitter to make your sign up easier, also you can share your results with your friends and teachers. The app will also link with Siri or Cortana (Android) to help you find the measurment you need easier and faster.

lesson 8

The app may use your previous knowledge and personal data to make the service more personalize, this app has everything to make your life in calculations easier. The app plus the Siri ( or Cortana) makes a perfect match to only say "Hey Siri calculate the area of a rectangle with a height of 5m and a width of 7m with Xact Balance", this will directly take you to the app and show you the procedure with the answer.

lesson 9

The app the I will make already exists in the market, but not as quite as complete and easy to manage as Xact Balance. My app will not only show you the answer of the question you made, it will also show you the procedure to make it, and explain step by step each one of them. Xact Balance makes the impossible, possible

Lesson 10

The arrangement of this app is in different sections, the sections are definided by what do you want to measure, if it is perimeter, area, volume, a simple measurment, and the cardinal points of your location. This would led the app look easier to manage and will also look atractive to the customers who wants to downloaded it.

Lesson 11

An app that is very recognized for its icon could be snapchat. The app has an iconic white ghost with a yellow background. When I see this ghost inmediately I think about these app. Our icon is also very representative for our app because it has a big X in the middle with gray lines in the background, the X in the icon refers to the name of our app which is Xact Balance.

Activities from the class

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Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5
Activity 6
Activity 7
Activity 8
Activity 10 pt 1
Activity 10 pt 2
Activity 11
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