Internet and the Music Industry By Angelo Romero

The Internet has drastically changed the music industry and how it functions. The ability to stream music off of services like pandora and spotify have huge effects on artists. They are mostly unregulated and do not give artists the royalties they deserve. Now that artists can put their music on the internet, it can be accessed by a larger amount of people which makes record label companies obsolete. Doing this cuts out the middleman. It also makes it harder for the artist to make money. Before the internet artists would release albums on CDs and go on tour to promote their new albums. That is how they made most of their money. Now with the Internet consumers have the power to buy individual songs off of iTunes, they can also listen to music for free on Youtube and stream on pandora and spotify. The royalties from things like youtube and streaming sites is much less than an artist would get from their CD sales. This makes it easier for listeners to take advantage of a musicians hardwork with no benefit to them. The Internet allows anybody to put their music on the market making it very saturated and watered down. Doing this devalues the music that is quality and actually should be played. Having thousands of choices makes it harder for the listener to actually find what they are looking for. Technology has both helped and damaged the music industry.


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