Romero Britto Pop Art Sydney Rink

3-10-17 : Last class I was absent. This class I am planning on finishing my sketches and getting them approved. I am planning on making my cover sketch an abstract design. The other sketches on the inside will have more of a picture in them.

3-14-17 : Last class I finished my sketches and got them approved. I chose which one would be my cover and which ones would be on the inside on my book. For one of my designs I drew a wind pattern with random lines and drew in the patterns. For another design I drew a wave pattern with random lines and drew in the patterns, For the cover page I drew a water splash pattern and drew designs in the droplets.

3-16-17 : Last class I started sketching my cover page on a big piece of paper. I am mostly done with drawing on the design. After I am done with this, I will out line my design with sharpie.

3-22-17 : Last class I finished outlining my design. Then I started coloring my cover. I made sure to choose very vibrant colors because my pop art is inspired by Romero Britto. The two mediums I am using to color my cover are colored pencils and watercolor.

3-24-17 : Last class I continued to color and started coloring the background my cover with watercolor pencils. Right now I am adding water to the watercolor pencil in my background. I am hoping to finish the background today and start to finish coloring the design on the rest of the paper.

3-28-17: Last class I colored in my design. I stayed during husky time to finish coloring the paper. During class today I am going to cut out my design in the shape of a water droplet. Then I will glue it onto the foam board

3-30-17: Last class I glued my design onto a board. I had to cut the board into the shape of a water droplet. Cutting the board was really hard because the board was so strong. Cutting it took longer than I thought it would but I finished by the end of class and turned in my cover.

4-4-17: Last class I started drawing on my book pages. I drew the outline of my design and I am starting to draw in the patterns. I hoping to finish drawing the patterns today.

4-6-17: last class i drew the designs for the inside of my book. I then traced over the pencil in sharpie. I started coloring my design with water color

4-18-17: this class I water colored one side of of the poster. Next class I plan to continue to color the other side with watercolor and colored pencil.

4-20-17 : This class I continued to color the other side of my poster. I used watercolor and markers to color it. Next class I am hoping to be ready to cut my poster.

4-24-17: This class I finished coloring the inside book pages. I cut my poster into thirds. Then I glued the three pieces together at the ends. After that I folded it in half a bunch of times, then unfolded it and folded it like an accordion.

4-26-17: Today I started working on the inside of my book. I started by making cutouts and pop outs. I threaded some yarn through parts of the paper.

4-28-17: this class I continued to work on the inside of my book. Today I started adding wire to my project.

5-2-17: Right now I am about half way done with the cutouts, wire, and other things in my book. But I still need to make it not a rectangle.

5-4-17: This class I am continuing to work on the inside of my book. I am hoping to finish soon.

5-10-17: Today I cut my book down to size and glued to pages to my covers. I did a couple touch ups and then turned it in.

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