Spaghetti Marshmellow Tower by: Cecilia lovell

This shows Ciera and Cecilia building a tower out of spaghetti straws and marshmallows on March 13 2017 at Junction City Sr. High School. The back ground is kind of a mix of our team mates taking the pictures or watching and a couple of other groups doing there work.
This shows Cecilia L. and Ashera this shows us trying to build the bottom but it wasn't really going so well it kept falling over and over which was funny. We were n Junction City Sr. High School in photo imaging class. It was fun because we had to all put some really hard effort into it but it was worth the almost finished product.
Here is a picture of the top of our tower and it kind of looks like Pac Man if you really look at it from an angle. The image was taken at an angle that was facing the opposite group it shows a couple of different areas of difference.
This is the finishing product all together we finished it as a whole team and everyone got to get and or add there little touch to it. In the picture you can see Ciera Jurgens and Ashera they were trying to fix the bottom part since it almost fell over on them. this also shows how if you work together you can achieve a lot of things together.
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cecilia lovell

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