"To Kill a Mockingbird" By: Julian Werber

Harper Lee grew up during the great depression. The great depression for an adolescent was hard especially in the south where young Harper was raised. During the great depression food was scarce because there was no rain to support the growth of crops. The three sister crop was commonly used which it contained corn, squash, and beans.

During this time period a big tragedy was the murder of Emmitt Till. Emmitt was a young African-American male that was killed because he was accused of flirting with a white women. Discrimination was so bad during this period black people were hated just because their skin wasn't the same color as the white peoples. Emmitt was killed because he was dared to do something by something that set him up for failure.

White people in the 1930 time period were foolish. People shouldn't be treated different just because of their skin color. Just cause your skin color is different shouldn't mean you cant drink out of the same water fountain as another race. They should all be treated the same because if they were given the same amount of respect then our world could possibly been developed faster and more stable.

Women didn't have the same rights as men either. They had to follow what the men did and do what ever they said. Women had to stay home and do all the house work while the men were out working. Some women worked but their pay wasn't like what the men were paid. Women in this time got pushed over because they weren't given the opportunity to do the things the men were doing.

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