Goals Project English 2

Semester Goal

In this semester, i will have all A’s in every single one of my classes and if i do not understand something i will ask the teacher to show me further how i can complete the required task.

  • Some steps I can take to help me achieve this goal are as follows.
  • Be attentive in class.
  • Try to learn all that I am able to learn.
  • Use my time efficiency and wisely.

English Goal

In English class, I will have a A in classwork and homework. I will do this by paying attention in class and if i do not understand something i will ask Ms.Price after class to get it corrected. I will also turn in all of my assignments on time.

  • Steps that will assist me in completing this goal.
  • Coming prepared with all my materials in class.
  • Studying daily.
  • Paying close attention in classwork.
  • Knowing how to complete homework.

High School Goal

My High school goal is, I will graduate with at least a 3.7 or above GPA. To accomplish this i will ask for help and turn in every assignment that is given to me on time and make sure its fully completed.

  • Steps that will aid me in achieving this goal.
  • Trying not to be absent or tardy much
  • Not being a pain to teachers or instructors.
  • Getting extra help if needed.

After HS Goal

My After HS goal is to go into the technological side of law enforcement. I will do this by attending DeVry University and then taking the Computer Forensics class.

  • Some of the following steps will assist me to achieve this goal.
  • Looking into law enforcement already.
  • Accompanying my relatives who work on technology.
  • Trying available simulations.

Personal Growth

I believe that i will grow and develop as a human much more if i continue to follow and achieve these goals.

  • Some ways that will grow more if i follow these goals.
  • I will get increasingly Intelligent.
  • I would have a well paying job
  • I would be able to help more people.
  • I will help businesses.
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