Justine's Advice Magazine 04/18/2016

Dear Problem Solver,

I have an important test neuxt week.But I have not been paying attention in class.Help!What can I do

Dear worried

I understand what it is passing a hard time trying to pass an a exam.I know it is hard when you are too late to get to the past.I think you should get some help after school and ask yourself your teachers to explain you things that you can't understand.I think this because that will help you to have a better understanding on the exam and then you can be joy and not angry for your actions.

Dear solver

I have been best friends with a person for 3 years.I started talking with them about a new friend I met and they were angry.They said all I do is talk about my new friend.What can I do?Why is my best friend mad at me?

Dear worried

I understand what it is like to have a best friend who is mad at you.I know it is hard when they get jealous because you are talking about other friends.I think you should tell him that he will be your best friend forever and you will not change him for anybody else and try to not talk about your new friend in front of him.I think this because in my life as a best friend, I would not like that in my best friend talk to about other friends that he has in front of me.

Dear solver

I want to play baseball at my school,but I'm nervous that I am not good enough for the team.What can I do to get better?


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