past present and future michael butts

in my past i have longed for materials and the knowledge to do what i am now. i wanted to code and i wanted to make videos. now through all of my teachers and peers i have the knowledge. throughout my past i loved legos now i still love legos. i was born in utah the 1st corner i dont know were the other 3 went though any ways moving on.

its not really this blank everywhere though

so that was my birth state and i live in california. its hot and at first the water tasted weird not anymore but still Washington state was cooler than here though. so now i realized that my mom and dad have a larger budget than i thought so i am going to be realizing a hobby besides video games the hobby that i am going to have is creating. creating homemade nerf guns and little machines and maybe begin programming robots.

it is way to hot here i miss Washington state

Washington is a wet place it almost always rains and it doesnt matter i miss washington state i hope i move back there when my dad moves again. although its wet it snows too! do you see that in CA i don't think so not at the housing.

the forest trails i walked through

in the present i am working on creating a video game and i want to make my own custom nerf gun out of PVC and an air compressor so i am looking forward to that this spring break 2017 i am going to go to a camp with archery and obstacle courses yay. so i am excited

so i have a compound bow which isn't that much different than a regular bow just with pulleys. i am going to be using that more often and i am getting into nerf modding.

in the future i am going to be an inventor i will have my own company and my own creations before that though i want to work in lego design or in nerf.


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