West View and South Central - Speech and Language Therapy for Mr. Bowman's students at West View and South Central

8/5/20 - Hello everyone! I am currently reaching out to all parents of my speech & language students. Your student should be receiving a google classroom invitation from me. It will be sent to their student email address, and to the parent's email address if I have it. I know this time can be very overwhelming for a lot of us! Please contact me if you have any questions or need any help with google classroom, email, or anything else. My email address is: bowmanj3@wcde.org , or you can call West View Elementary School and ask for me at 423-753-1175.

This website is for my students in speech and language therapy at West View and South Central. Please remember to be practicing your speech sounds at home. One of the biggest speech improvements you can make is to begin using your sounds when you're talking to others outside of the speech therapy room. The internet is full of fun activities, videos, and apps to practice speech sounds and language skills. I'll be adding as much as I can here on the website, but I have a lot more things available by request that I would love to send to you.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I would love to hear from you! I have worksheets for anything and everything that I can email or have mailed to you. We can meet on Google Meet for a video call, or I can call any parent who wants to know more about their student's therapy goals and how to best help them while we're all stuck at home. My email is bowmanj3@wcde.org

Suggestions for speech sound practice at home:

  • Mommy Speech Therapy has lots of worksheets for each sound, and lots of links and suggestions for even more activities
  • Home Speech Home has word lists for every sound in every position of a word (beginning, middle, or end of a word). Just practicing your sound in words, or practicing using that word in a sentence is great
  • Record yourself saying words from a word list that have your sound and play it back, decide if you said it correctly and/or get feedback (just a yes or no) from someone else
  • Just saying words with your sound. Don't overdo it! Try 5 times per word, and work at it for a couple of minutes. If you can say words with the correct sounds, but you struggle when you use the word in a sentence, then practice sentences
  • I have worksheets, coloring sheets, and word lists for each sound, just email me and I can send it your way however you'd like

Suggestions for language practice at home:

  • Play 20 questions or I Spy. It's simple and free. If this is too difficult, narrow it down to a category like "food" or even just "fruit" and ask yes/no questions to guess the object
  • Games like Guess Who, Hedbanz, or Scattergories can be great language practice. If a student is struggling coming up with good questions, team up with an adult and talk it through, then let the student ask the question once the team has decided what to say
  • Another fun and free option: Get a basket full of objects and hide behind something like a couch, or hang up a sheet, or build a pillow fort. Choose one object and take turns describing it and answering questions until the person who can't see it guesses which object you've picked. Set a timer on your phone to keep the game moving if you want
  • Card games like Go Fish and Memory can be good for practicing asking questions, making requests, matching, naming, and practicing turn-taking
  • For younger children, read a children's book together (or read it to them), talk about it, ask questions about what happened, or try to guess what will happen next.

Below is a COVID-19 teaching story created by the University of Miami. It is a helpful social narrative video to help individuals with autism understand the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Sourced here from Autism Speaks. This site has social stories, information, and activities for children with autism.

Click here for a link to a Google Drive from another speech therapist. It is FULL of videos and activities for speech and language. If clicking doesn't work, copy and paste the link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hav7a2xf8nUpxCLtz9pEIpKqSfEWbwHh

Below are several speech sound tutorial videos:

A free app for Android is called Constant Therapy Clinician. NOTE: There are two versions of this app, one for speech therapists/clinicians, and one for the students/clients. The free app is the one for clinicians. Get in touch with me for help setting it up. It can seem overwhelming because it contains nearly everything a speech therapist might want. You can narrow it down and make it easy to use once it's been set up.

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