Welcome To Montgomery, Alabama The Heart of Dixie

State bird: Yellowhammer State flower: Camellia State reptile: Alabama red belly turtle
Alabama is in the Southeast region which is the sunbelt states
The Mighty Mississippi river is west of Alabama
State Mineral: Hematite (Red Iron Ore) State Rock: Marble State Gemstone: Star Blue Quartz
State nut: Pecans

Alabamians love pecans, they like to make pecan pralines.

Heinrichs, Ann. This Land is Your Land: Alabama. Compass Point Books, 2014.

Now let's take a trip through Alabama

An fish tank in a famous museum

The Mississippi river

Alabama was a state on December 19, 1819 and is still a state now, in 2017.

The state of Alabama

One of Alabama's Landmarks is DeSote Caves

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