Egyptian Pyramid dukes-willyd-raid 7

I sat down to complete my historical build completely unaware of what to build. I googled the easiest historical buildings to build on minecraft to which a group of pictures popped up. Much to my surprise, these pictures included the Eiffel Tower, Capital Hill, the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, and many other options that were far more intricate than I believed I could accomplish.

I next had a moment of enlightenment in which I decided I would build the Stonehenge. The build was going to be a circle of doorway looking stone blocks as seen below. My presentation was going to consist of a video of the boulders repeated over and over again as I flew in circles playing the song "Stonehenge" by Ylvis for nearly 4 minutes. For those of you that do not know who Ylvis is, they are the group that sand "What Does the Fox Say". If that still means nothing to you please look it up after class.

One of the many stonehenges I was going to build.

I decided that I was wasting time with this idea being a clown and that I needed to start being serious. I changed my design to something slightly more intricate, however still simple enough for a child to complete since my minecraft skills are below par. This object would be the Egyptian Pyramids.

I decided to start with a base of 50 block by 50 block of sandstone. From there I figured the pyramid would not look realistic if I made each level one block tall so I made each layer two blocks tall and two blocks inward. I continued placing sandstone blocks one after another in squares upward until I had the shell of a giant pyramid. In the process of building the outer design of the pyramid, I was sitting in a study room at core in the sun and with all of the spinning in circles I had to take a break to make sure I was not going to get sick. I was actually nauseous from minecrafting. This was a huge speed bump in my building.

The Exterior Pyramid

After my heat flash, I discovered that while I thought that I was constantly using a two block by two block method, since that was my plan, I had messed up. Somehow I had managed to make every layer except the very first layer the correct way. So I had to find a way to correct the base layer without starting from scratch, when I was more than half way finished. Luckily I had constructed the base layer two blocks tall so I just had to add an additional two blocks to the outside of the entire base to make the build consistent. This was very nerve racking until I realized it was not going to be as complicated as I was anticipating.

Once I completed the exterior with door and hallway, I decided I would try to authenticate the build by making a tunnel system that would have secret passages under the pyramid. I was quickly redirected in my build process as I built a set of stairs that channeled me to a floating blank world.

Floating Blank World Portal

I was lost, and terrified that I was going to be stuck in this underworld. I also was fairly certain that I had just lost all the hours of work that it took to build the pyramid. I was not in a good mood to say the least until eventually I realized that I could fly back up to the tiny discolored gap that I had slipped through and return to my design.

It may be hard to tell but in the center of this image, above the cross hairs is the hole I had to rediscover. I learned that a flat world was not only flat on the top side, but was in reality just a thin layer of land with nothing beneath it as well.

This drastically changed my plans for the internal design of the pyramid. I felt that I would be doing the historical monument an injustice by leaving the inside empty so I decided to try my luck as a sculptor. I built a large monument to represent a Pharaoh that would be similar to what was seen in the tombs of the real Egyptian Pyramids.

I placed the Pharaoh sitting in a throne of gold with a golden head dress to represent his wealth and power. I wanted to include more jewelry but could not figure out the best way to do so. Then I realized the statue had no face which made my unimpressive model of an Egyptian Pharaoh statue seem more creepily pathetic than it already was. Without eyes, it was pretty difficult to even tell what the blob of blocks sitting in the center really was.

In order to handle these two problems, I decided to knock out two birds with one stone. I used blocks of emerald to make eyes. This was a combination of making a face and having jewelry on the Pharaoh at the same time. The move bumped my below average statue up to the next level.

Although, the face does not look extraordinary, and really nothing about my build is beyond belief incredible, I am proud of what I have created. Through all of the many failures I dealt with along the way, I ended up with a giant pyramid that is housing an enormous statue of a Pharaoh covered in gold. Even if the face is not intricately defined, I would still consider my build as a whole, a success. When I finished the pyramid, as embarrasing as it is to say, I flew away so that I could look at the piece of art that I had created from a distance. For what many may call an easy build was a masterpiece for me.

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