My Carvey BY Moxie

This was the picture I found in google that inspired my Carvey. I find space fascinating so I thought this would be good for my Carvey. I thought this drawing would show how beautiful a simplistic Carvey can be.

This is a picture of my drawing in photoshop. I had to go over some lines To make them thicker. I knew I would have to experiment with taking some little details out and make some lines thicker. This was trial 1.

This was my final trial. I outlined and made lines a lot thicker. I erased some of the very detailed planets and stars. Then I went to easel inventibles. To start to format my carvey.

Then I went to easel inventibles and fitted my Carvey onto the board. The board was 6in by 6in. The but size was 1/16. And the thickness was .25in. Then I pressed simulate and it said my Carvey would take about 14min.

This is the Carvey. I put my selected board under the lid, clamped the board to the wood platform, and set it up to the computer so it could carve my design.

This is my final product. It took around 15 minutes to carve. I think it is very beautiful in the sense of imagination. This Carvey did have some flaws, but nothing is perfect. I love this project and I had lots of fun doing it!

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