MED2024 Digital Media - Interactions - Harry Marshall

Workshop 1 - Projection Mapping

We projection mapped a planet into somebody's hands

In the first workshop we used projection mapping. Projection mapping is a tool that is used by designers to sketch out, essentially, a digital world onto the real world. For example, if you were to put on a concert, and wanted graphics flying around real world textures in the background you could hire a projection mapping artist, and they would use projection mapping software to simulate this. I feel this tool is a very useful tool, especially for visualising graphics, it might not be explicitly used to stand out on its own, but it could add a lot to other arts, like music, and drama.

Workshop 2 - Virtual Reality

We used virtual reality and it was extremely realistic

Virtual reality is a favourite among all the different types of digital media we have tried out this year, the sheer ability to almost step into another world is mind blowing. Virtual reality essentially simulates another world, the screens inside the headset acting almost like portals to whatever place you like. Real world applications are spread afar, as it can now be used as a replacement for blueprints, as instead of using old fashioned blueprints, architects can now physically walk around and see how their designs are going to look in real life, and also pitch it more convincingly to contractors. Another use for VR is obviously gaming, a huge leap in immersive gameplay is about to happen with VR, with seemingly HTC vive taking the lead.

Workshop 3 - Interactivity

I was not ill for this workshop

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