Health and Wellness Element # 8


This artifact is about one of my spontaneous learning opportunity observation. This experience is significant to me because I realized how important our job is in keeping the children safe. Their safety and well being is under our hands whenever they are in the center. It is necessary that we need to be responsible in performing our duties and responsibilities at all times.

Spontaneous Learning Opportunity Observation( Toddler): During outdoor play “D” was running back and forth toward both end of the playground, the building wall and the wall of a portable storage. Which is dangerous because once he lost control,he could bump his head and get injured. Since he seems like to run,I thought of something that could apply this without risking of hurting himself.

Scaffolding/ Learning Opportunity Applied: I showed and encouraged him to run around a small tree in the middle of the playground. I took his twin sister’s hand,asked him to hold it while I’m holding the other and I guided them in running in circle around the tree. They were both smiling doing it. It added to the fun when two other children joined us.

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